Shayna Baszler Biting Becky Lynch Is Normal Actually (for Werewolves)

Last night on Monday Night Raw, former two-time NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler blind-sided Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, bit her in the back of the neck, and bailed. The Man, in a state of panic, was escorted to an ambulance, which she then stole and drove away herself.

To many viewers, this was probably a confusing turn of events. For fans of supernatural romance novel genres, however, it all made perfect sense. While biting a rival in the back of the neck is pretty weird behavior for human beings in real life, it’s not an uncommon occurrence when you are a werewolf.

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I’m not saying Shayna Baszler is or is not a werewolf, but if she is a werewolf, well… with Valentine’s Day on Friday, there aren’t too many things more romantic than biting someone on the back of the neck so hard you draw blood. It’s a crucial part of werewolf mating—like basically a werewolf engagement ring! Look at the Amazon or Wattpad ebook market if you don’t believe me. With this, Monday Night Raw may have finally moved on from their many cuckolding angles into the lucrative world of shifter romance.

After her initial shock (going “Jesus fucking Christ” over and over again) and getting medical treatment, Becky Lynch returned to Raw to give a message to Shayna that she wants a piece of her. This is clearly leading to some kind of Wrestlemania match, but if there’s anything the world of werewolf (or werepanther, werejaguar, werecoyote, the list goes on) romance fiction has taught us, it’s the genre’s versatility. There are a million different avenues they can explore from here for Wrestlemania. Will Baszler and Lynch have to get married? Are they bonded now? What’s going to happen during the next full moon on March 9, which is a Monday night? Is Becky Lynch also going to turn into a werewolf? Will Becky Lynch be spending the Road to Wrestlemania taking on the members of Shayna Baszler’s pack on her way to the terrifying alpha herself? I can’t wait to find out.


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