Pro Wrestling Streaming Schedule for the Week of 11/25/19

Monday, 11/25 Tuesday, 11/26 Wednesday, 11/27 Thursday, 11/28 Friday, 11/29 Saturday, 11/30 Sunday, 12/1
MLW Fusion (YouTube 7PM EST)† Pro Wrestling NOAH (YouTube 4:15 AM EST)** AEW Dynamite (TNT/FITE 8PM EST) New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World 4:30 AM EST) DDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 (DDT Universe 4AM EST)** DDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 (DDT Universe 3AM EST) DDT D-Ou Grand Prix 2020 (DDT Universe 2AM EST)
ROH #427 (FITE 7PM EST)† NWA Powerrr (YouTube 6PM EST)† WWE NXT (USA 8PM) NXT UK (WWE Network 3PM EST)† New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World 4:30 AM EST) CZW Night of Infamy (FITE 8PM EST, $10.99) New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ
WWE Raw (USA 8PM) AEW Dark (YouTube 7PM EST)†** GCW Chopper City in the Ghetto (FITE 8PM EST, $11.99) Uncharted Territory (IWTV 8PM EST)** Limitless Wrestling Twilight Zone (IWTV 7:30 PM EST) F1RST Wrestling (FITE 9PM EST, $12.99) Stardom Goddess of Stars 2019 (Stardom World)ⱽᴼᴰ
New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ IMPACT! (AXS 8PM EST)† AAA Lucha Capital (Facebook Live 10PM EST) WWE SmackDown (Fox 8PM EST) AAA Conquista Total (Twitch, 9PM EST)**
CMLL ( 8:30 PM EST) New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ CMLL ( 9:30 PM EST)
Tokyo Joshi Pro (DDT Universe 9:30 PM EST)
WWE 205 Live (WWE Network 10PM EST)
** = Recommended
†= Pretaped
ⱽᴼᴰ= Available online at some point after the show

Wow! I added links! Incredible. What a great and helpful service this is. Anything without links is something you have to watch on television, or an internet-television service. AAA’s massive TripleMania Regia show is on Sunday, but no streaming announcement has been made for viewers outside of Mexico, so it’s not on the schedule. Tragic stuff.

Monday, 11/25

Recommended: With Shingo Takagi & Terrible taking on Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki, New Japan World Tag League should be worth checking out.

This week’s MLW Fusion on YouTube features Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner in a falls count anywhere match, and also Priscilla Kelly in overalls. ROH may be kind of imploding as a company, but a new pretaped episode of their weekly show will air on FITE, featuring Villain Enterprises defending the six-man tag team championship. WWE Raw on USA will see the fall-out from yesterday’s Survivor Series.

Tuesday, 11/26

Recommended: AEW Dark has a pretty cool looking card, with singles matches between Pentagon Jr and Trent, Awesome Kong and Leva Bates, Big Swole and Shanna, and Kenny Omega defending his AAA Mega Title against Jack Evans. It certainly isn’t on the level of last week’s Dark (bring back El Lindaman!), but I’m looking forward to it. Pro Wrestling NOAH will stream live for free on YouTube Tuesday, with the GHC National Championship on the line.

NWA Powerrr will air on YouTube, no word yet on whether or not Jim Cornette’s commentary will still be on the pre-taped episode since his exit from the company last week, or if something else will be dubbed over the show. Impact! on AXS will have their answer to WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling series: Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation. Impact! talent will be playing different characters in a retro-vibe show. It looks… kinda funny honestly? CMLL will be on and YouTube.

More Pro Wrestling:

Wednesday, 11/27

Recommended: AAA Lucha Capital follows NXT and AEW. I think it’s the finals? It’s a tournament. I never mentioned that because I couldn’t explain how the tournament works if my life depended on it. It’s just good to watch, I don’t need to know what’s happening to enjoy it. Knowing things is severely overrated.

Hopefully Mia Yim will be seeking revenge on Dakota Kai on this week’s NXT, since depriving us of Mia Yim was a major stain on an otherwise good weekend of PPVs. As decided by last week’s battle royal, MJF and Hangman Page will face off to win a big diamond ring on AEW Dynamite. Jimmy Lloyd faces Ruckus and Nick Gage defends the GCW Championship against Atticus Cogar at GCW Chopper City in the Ghetto, which is available for $11.99 on FITE.

Wednesday’s New Japan World Tag League show (available on VOD after the fact) has some pretty promising matches. EVIL & SANADA vs Yano Toru & Colt Cabana has no right not to be delightful. Suzuki & Archer taking on Tencozy should at least give us some fun chop battles, and I can’t say I’m ever disappointed to see Tomohiro Ishii and Yuji Nagata get in the ring together.

Beyond Wrestling

Thursday, 11/28

Recommended:  Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory is the only wrestling company to be doing a show the night of Thanksgiving, in New England no less! They did a Halloween show too. Their courage! They’re doing a bunch of elimination tag matches and it looks very fun.

New Japan World Tag League streams live from Korakuen Hall Thursday morning with a main event of SANADA & EVIL vs Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr! I love all those guys! Okada and Ibushi are even showing up. The full card doesn’t look can’t miss, so I don’t recommend staying up to watch it live unless that’s a thing you already love to do. But there’s bound to be some fun matches to watch when you wake up at a normal time. NXT UK will be on the WWE Network.


Friday, 11/29

Recommended: Go to sleep early after overeating Thursday night in celebration of America’s most problematic non-denominational holiday, and then wake up crazy early to watch the first night of the DDT D-Ou Grand Prix tournament. I especially have my eye on that Chris Brookes/Chihiro Hashimoto match-up. A tall lanky dude and a short muscle lady? Ideal. That’s ideal to me.

New Japan Tag League streams live from Korakuen again with another card that shines in places (like what will Yano and Cabana get up to against Nakanishi and Nagata), but doesn’t necessarily demand a live viewing (sorry YOSHI-HASHI). Limitless Wrestling Twilight Zone streams on IWTV starting at 7, with a main event of Kris Statlander vs Ashley Vox in a “last creature standing” match. Friday Night SmackDown on Fox at 8 better have some more Dominick Mysterio after what the Mysterios went through on Sunday. CMLL Super Viernes streams live from Arena Mexico at 9:30 as usual. Tokyo Joshi Pro Best Regards Tour will continue, streaming live on DDT Universe also at 9:30. WWE 205 Live will hopefully be back on at 10.


Saturday, 11/30

Recommended: In my haste last week, I absolutely misread this week’s AAA Conquista Total poster as being for the 23rd. Whoops! Well, this week for sure we can look forward to Psycho Clown, Pagano & Puma King vs Chessman, Averno & Taurus. My bad! Also, with no news about whether or not fans overseas will be able to livestream TripleMania Regia on Sunday, this may be your only hope to see AAA this weekend.

The DDT Grand Prix continues Saturday at 3 AM (a midnight start on the west coast feels doable), with more tournament action as well as a battle royal. A show that promises a middle aged man fight between Masato Tanaka and Yukio Sakaguchi and a DDT battle royal? A true treat. There’s a few indy shows available for PPV on FITE this Saturday. You can watch CZW Night of Infamy for $10.99 if you’re still watching CZW in 2019. You can also check out F1RST Wrestling for $12.99, which has a couple of fun looking match-ups.

Sunday, 12/1

Sunday’s DDT D-Ou Grand Prix show, also featuring a battle royal, looks to be the only wrestling show streaming live on the first. (My fingers are still crossed for TripleMania Regia, though.) Stardom Goddesses of Stars has a show on Sunday that will probably be on VOD quickly (they’ve been great lately about getting their shows online). The card for New Japan World Tag League has some intriguing spots, like Karl Fredericks & Hirooki Goto against Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki, or Kota Ibushi is teaming with Tiger Mask and Jushin Thunder Liger. But it’s a house show for sure.


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