Pro Wrestling Streaming Schedule for the Week of 11/18/19

Monday, 11/18 Tuesday, 11/19 Wednesday, 11/20 Thursday, 11/21 Friday, 11/22 Saturday, 11/23 Sunday, 11/24
New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World 4:30 AM EST) NWA Powerrr (YouTube 6PM EST)† AEW Dynamite (TNT/FITE 8PM EST)** Tokyo Joshi Pro (DDT Universe 5AM EST) WWE SmackDown (Fox 8PM EST) WWE NXT Wargames (WWE Network 6PM EST)** WWE Survivor Series (WWE Network 6PM EST)
MLW Fusion (YouTube, 7PM EST)† AEW Dark (YouTube 7PM EST)†** WWE NXT (USA 8PM) NXT UK (WWE Network 3PM EST)† CMLL ( 9:30 PM EST) WOW (AXS 8PM EST)† New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ
ROH #426 (FITE, 7PM EST)† IMPACT! (AXS 8PM EST)† AAA Lucha Capital (Facebook Live 10PM EST) Uncharted Territory (IWTV 8PM EST)** Tokyo Joshi Pro (DDT Universe 9:30 PM EST) God Bless DDT (DDT Universe 8:50 PM EST)
WWE Raw (USA 8PM)† CMLL ( 8:30 PM EST) New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ WWE 205 Live (WWE Network 10PM EST) CANCELED DUE TO COWARDICE AAA Conquista Total (Twitch, 9PM EST)**
New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ Freelance Wrestling The Good the Bad and the Smiley (IWTV 10PM EST) New Japan World Tag League (New Japan World)ⱽᴼᴰ
Stardom Goddess of Stars 2019 (Stardom World)ⱽᴼᴰ
** = Recommended
†= Pretaped
ⱽᴼᴰ= Available online at some point after the show

Monday, 11/18

Recommended: Okay, sure, yes, technically Monday’s New Japan World Tag League show already happened, but I can still recommend checking it out on New Japan World! There’s no need to be a time cop, okay?

Everything else is business as usual: MLW Fusion on YouTube (this episode doesn’t look amazing, but last week’s had a killer bout between Timothy Thatcher and Low-Ki), ROH on FITE (featuring Rush vs Jeff Cobb), and WWE Raw on USA (featuring Andrade vs Seth Rollins, and probably some more pre-Survivor Series antics).

Tuesday, 11/19

Recommended: Both El Lindaman and Kris Statlander are making their AEW TV debuts on this week’s installment of AEW Dark. Sure, it’s not actually on TV, but you can watch YouTube on your television if you want. It’s doable. When you’re done, please @ me with pictures of El Lindaman. Or do that right now. I love to look at him.

NWA Powerrr will air on YouTube, Impact! will be on AXS, CMLL will be on and YouTube, and Tuesday’s New Japan Tag League show will end up on New Japan World VOD at some point.

More Pro Wrestling:

Wednesday, 11/20

Recommended: NXT may have put on the better show last week, but we would be remiss in not recommending AEW Dynamite this week. With Jon Moxley vs Darby Allin booked, who even cares what else is on the show?

Over on NXT on USA, the men’s babyface WarGames team will pick their final member to face off against the Undisputed Era. The second to last AAA Lucha Capital airs after both shows on Facebook Watch, and will feature Big Mami, Niño Hamburguesa, Pagano, Willie Mack, Aerostar, Arez, and others!

Beyond Wrestling

Thursday, 11/21

Recommended: Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory follows up a great show last week with the much anticipated return of Orange Cassidy, as well as Nerder Death Kill vs Team Tremendous and Tony Deppen vs Josh Briggs. Should be a good one.

Tokyo Joshi Pro will stream live on DDT Universe bright and early Thursday morning. NXT UK continues to air on the WWE Network. And New Japan World Tag League continues with tournament action. Thursday’s show has a main event of Terrible & Shingo Takagi vs Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr, which should be pretty sick!

Friday, 11/22

There’s a ton of wrestling this Friday and it all more or less is happening at the same time. Friday Night SmackDown on Fox at 8 will have the last bits of storyline set for Survivor Series. CMLL Super Viernes streams live from Arena Mexico at 9:30 as usual. Tokyo Joshi Pro will stream live on DDT Universe also at 9:30. WWE 205 Live has been canceled as of Friday afternoon. Freelance Wrestling’s The Good, the Bad, and the Smiley starts on IWTV at 10.


Saturday, 11/23

Recommended: NXT WarGames should be a pretty fun time (check out Colette’s in-depth card preview), but AAA Conquista Total is also looking promising. AAA has been killing it with these shows lately, and this week’s main event of Psycho Clown, Pagano & Puma King vs Chessman, Averno & Taurus looks really promising.

This week’s WOW on AXS is a two hour season finale, featuring Tessa Blanchard defending her championship against The Beast. Thank God For DDT looks like it’ll be a pretty fun show, with a main event of HARASHIMA vs Yuki Iino and a delayed entrance battle royale on the card. New Japan World Tag League will be up on New Japan World VOD, with a main event of Lance Archer & Minoru Suzuki vs Guerillas of Destiny. Stardom also has a show on Saturday, with VOD hopefully up soon afterwards.

Sunday, 11/24

WWE Survivor Series is the weekend’s big show, with SmackDown, Raw and NXT all facing off for Brand Supremacy™. We have a full preview about what might happen there. New Japan World Tag League will continue with another show on VOD, this time with a main event of SANADA & EVIL vs Guerillas of Destiny.


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