Pro Wrestling Streaming Schedule for the Week of 1/20/20

Monday, 1/20 Tuesday, 1/21 Wednesday, 1/22 Thursday, 1/23 Friday, 1/24 Saturday, 1/25 Sunday, 1/26
New Japan CMLL Fantastica Mania 2020 (New Japan World, 4:30 AM EST)** Tokyo Joshi Pro 2020 Winter Wonderful Harmony (DDT Universe 4AM EST)† DDT Dramatic Swan Maiden 2020 (DDT Universe 4AM EST)† Ice Ribbon 1018 in Skip City (Nico Pro 5AM EST)† J Stage 11/25 (Nico Pro 5AM EST)† Dragon Gate (Dragon Gate Network 3:45 AM EST) Dragon Gate (Dragon Gate Network 12:45 AM EST)
Kansai Pro-Wrestling Collection Ver. 5 Feat. Dotonbori Pro Wrestling (Nico Pro 8AM EST)† DDT (DDT Universe 4AM EST)† Ganbare ☆ Wrestling (DDT Universe 4AM EST)† NXT UK (WWE Network 3PM EST)† NWA: Hard Times (FITE 7PM EST, $19.99) Beyond Wrestling Please Come Back (IWTV 5PM EST) IWRG (InterneTV Deportes YouTube 4:45 PM EST)**
WWE Raw (USA 8PM)** GCW Worst Behavior and New Face of War 2019 (Nico Pro 5AM EST)† AEW Dynamite TNT 8PM EST)** WWE SmackDown (Fox 8PM EST) WWE Worlds Collide (WWE Network 7PM EST) WWE Royal Rumble (WWE Network 7PM EST)**
MLW Fusion #93 (YouTube)† NWA Powerrr (YouTube 6:05 PM EST)† WWE NXT (USA 8PM) CMLL ( 9:30 PM EST) DDT Sweet Dreams! 2020 (DDT Universe 9PM EST) Stardom 9th Anniversary Day in Osaka (Stardom World)ⱽᴼᴰ**
AEW Dark (YouTube 7PM EST)†** WWE 205 Live (WWE Network 10PM EST) AAA Nacemos Para Luchar (Twitch 9PM EST)**
IMPACT! (AXS, 8PM EST)† GCW: Just Being Honest (FITE 11PM EST, $12.99)**
CMLL ( 8:30 PM EST)
** = Recommended
†= Pretaped
ⱽᴼᴰ= Available online at some point after the show

Hunktears’ recommended this week

Correction from last week: there was a Stardom show on the 19th! It’s on Stardom World now. It has Momo Watanabe vs Mayu Iwatani for the red belt and Tam Nakano vs Kagetsu.


Rey Mysterio Jr and Andrade are having a match on Raw this week, and if that isn’t worth watching, I don’t know what is. Also there was a whole kissing thing in New Japan Fantasticamania this morning.


Finally an AEW Dark I can get excited about! #Stronghearts vs Jurassic Express and Diamante vs Big Swole. It looks like they recorded six matches last week, so I’m not sure if they’ll all be on Dark this week or if they’re saving some for next week.


While I’m not particularly excited for the announced match of SCU vs Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, AEW Dynamite is on the Jericho Cruise this week, so like… I gotta know if someone is going to get thrown overboard.


I may actually go check out GCW Just Being Honest in person, since it’s taking place in my beloved hometown of Los Angeles. The card looks pretty fun!


Hell yeah! The first AAA show on Twitch in 2020! This will have all your (my) favorites in action, including Big Mami and Niño Hamburguesa teaming up once again, a main event of Psycho Clown and the Lucha Bros vs Rush, LA Park and Bestia Del Ring, and (I think? Unless this already happened?) a tribute to the late La Parka.

Check out Mer’s full card preview for WWE Worlds Collide.



The Royal Rumble is WWE’s most fun event of the year, as far as I’m concerned. We have a full card preview for your convenience and delight!

Stardom’s 9th Anniversary show is Kagetsu’s final Stardom show forever as she is retiring next month. I’m super sad about it. She will be tagging with Mayu Iwatami against Momo Watanabe and Jungle Kyona before saying goodbye to the company forever.

Also this IWRG show that friend-of-the-weekly-schedule Nigel told me about and then I edited the article to include??? Which looks, frankly, great??? Also, there’s an exótico named Jessy Ventura!? Wow.