NXT’s Diamond Mine: A Review

Roderick Strong is back, he's bad, and he's almost bald

NXT’s newest stable made their official debut last night- after weeks of teasing with vignettes, we have an answer to who is behind the Diamond Mine faction. It’s Malcolm Bivens, managing known Bivens Enterprises client Tyler Rust, NXT newcomer Hideki Suzuki, and lead by a returning Roderick Strong. This marked Strong’s first time back on TV after threatening to quit several months ago, and the first appearance of Suzuki on NXT. The group attacked Kushida Wednesday following his match with Kyle O’Reilly, using the chaos of Adam Cole going after O’Reilly to beat down the champ. This ended with Bivens presenting the Cruiserweight Title to Strong, before gently laying it atop a crushed Kushida.

The Diamond Mine


  • Bivens can do no wrong. One of the greatest underused talents on NXT, and alongside someone like Strong, who is already well known to NXT fans from his Undisputed Era days, we should be seeing a lot more of the biggest Martin fan in the business.
  • Strong going after the Cruiserweight Title?? I love to see it. Strong vs Kushida specifically?? Maybe wrestling is good sometimes.
  • Name one occasion where matching tracksuits have backfired.
  • Bivens already had “Diamond in the Rust” as a slogan, but “Diamond Strong” is also right there. I don’t get paid the big bucks for word association, but I’m sure there’s something something jewel-related for Suzuki.
  • In a post-Undisputed Era era, NXT creating stables like Hit Row and Diamond Mine is a step up from the main roster's tendency to toss together singles stars and call it a team. And any faction that doesn't require me to ignore Austin Theory's existence is a bonus.
  • After experiencing utmost heartbreak and betrayal, Roddy only needed four months to bounce back and make new friends. That's record time in the wrestling world.
  • Roddy’s kind of pulling off a weird buzz haircut. I’d say just go whole hog and shave it all off. He can rock it.
  • They had Bivens stand further apart from the group so we couldn't tell he's 6'5".


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