Mickie James on Psych: A Review

The four time Knockouts champ once impeded the investigation on this beach law dramedy

USA’s Psych boasted several wrestler cameos over the years, the most notable being handmade dolls of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Junkyard Dog to promote the 2009 Royal Rumble. For this review, I’m tapping into one of my all time favorite episodes of this show; Talk Derby to Me, featuring an appearance from the current Impact Knockouts Champion, Mickie James.

This episode slaps for numerous reasons, including including the show’s best joke about a three hole punch and multiple ads for Red Lobster crab cakes. James plays Rita “Lethal Weapon” Westwood, the leader of a pack of burglarizing roller derby girls. As our heroes get closer to the truth, Westwood meets an unfortunate fate in the back of an ‘06 hatchback, a place nobody ever wants to end up. Before her untimely demise, James gets the chance to show off some sweet roller skills and and dispose of a mannequin in a river. Now that’s a dream role right there.


I could have done with more Mickie screentime, but "Lethal Weapon" holds up as one of the better crafted roles we've seen wrestlers get.

  • Unlike the majority of wrestlers on NBC-adjacent show cameos, this role gives James a bit of mileage. Westwood’s a significant player in the story, and Mickie puts on a convincing performance here. Looking good in a tank top and sounding like a badass are right up her alley.
  • Mickie really pulls off the orange gear. Just something to think about for future championship looks.
  • Any episode that features a friendship bracelet as a break in the case is an all-timer. Add in Dulé Hill’s brief skating performance, and you’ve got a real winner.
  • Westwood’s murder helps the team save Juliet from meeting the same fate. And it was still a kinder result than the LayCool promos in ‘08. Thanks for your service, Mickie.
  • There’s a blink and you’ll miss it rasslin reference when all the female characters are on screen together yelling at each other. A storytelling technique WWE still loves to employ today.
  • We get a sweet back elbow in the opening derby sequence, but James doesn’t get a lot of physical action otherwise. No Mick Kick’s to the security guard? For shame.
  • I understand these people are actors/pro wrestlers instead of rollerskaters, and that it was 2008 on a USA network budget, but the editing of the skating scenes is just really bad. Poor Maggie Lawson just sways back and forth in her close ups. I think we get a single shot of Mickie in skates.


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