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Logan Paul on Law and Order Special Victims Unit: A Review

Years before he graced the Mania stage, the newest WWE superstar was on the small screen

At SummerSlam, Logan Paul proved there’s only room for one successful YouTube star in this house, and despite the views on USA Network, it sure isn’t the Miz. Given his rousing performances at dual WrestleManias and his SummerSlam victory, it was unsurprising when Paul signed a contract with WWE, promising multiple appearences in the upcoming year. Paul has also announced his return to boxing, which means his immediate future in wrestling is uncertain. We’re of unsure the next time we’ll see him step into a WWE ring, but in the meantime, there’s plenty of other chances to catch Paul online, and you don’t even have to listen to his podcast to do so.

Seven years ago, before WWE was even a dream in the mind of a 20-year-old Paul, the YouTube sensation took the path that many vaguely popular online personalities do, and guest starred in SVU.

A time-honored tradition, bringing your B-List media popularity to TVs longest running scripted drama has several perks. For one, we all get to find out if acting is really as difficult as my high school drama teacher tried to tell us. And for another, a group of YouTube fanatics get to watch an hour of the most heinous crimes one man could conceive of.

This episode is all about GamerGate (timely, for 2015) and involves a female game developer being kidnapped by a group of dudebros. This collection of anti-SJWs includes, you guessed it, future WWE Champion Logan Paul.

His performance is primarily limited to various video clips sent to taunt detectives, and an excellent rooftop monologue towards the end, where he corners and nearly shoots Detective Carisi, but finds himself unable to evade Ice-T’s wrath, ultimately dying in a shootout. It’s very on brand for 2015, and it marks Paul’s very first media appearance outside of his YouTube channel. Let’s see how he fared.

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