Dolph Ziggler Fails to Hide Bootleg Tights from Original Artist

It looks like Bobby Lashley wasn’t the only WWE wrestler to steal someone’s girl on last night’s Raw. Dolph Ziggler debuted a new pair of tights featuring a pair of familiar-looking sexy devil girls on the back (and an American flag on the front, OBVIOUSLY). Lords of Acid fans, hot rod enthusiasts, and anyone in the sexy lady illustration scene would recognize those thick red babes anywhere as the work of hot devil girl trailblazer Coop.

It took less than 24 hours for pictures of the tights, including one from Ziggler’s Instagram bragging about his shoulder to waist ratio, to make their way to Coop. The artist took to Twitter to call Ziggler out for the theft. This is not the first time Ziggler has used blatantly bootleg material. Back in 2015, he found himself in some hot water for featuring a misspelled MEGADETH (MEGADEATH) patch on his gear.

When asked for comment, Coop explained that he has no details except for what he saw in the images he had been sent. Ziggler currently holds the Raw Tag Team Championship with Robert Roode, but lost a non-title match last night to the Viking Raiders, who will get a title opportunity next week.


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