Darby Allin’s Body Bags: A Review

Darby Allin's Bodybags


Darby Allin likes to bring body bags to major matches for the future corpses of his opponents. It's great.

  • Very goth
  • Very dramatic
  • Someone often ends up inside the body bag during the match
  • On Dynamite this week Darby Allin entered in the body bag after crowd surfing in it
  • Then he unzipped it and SKATEBOARDED DOWN THE RAMP HOLDING IT!!
  • No one is ever in the body bag for long enough
  • The body bags are so good that they make everything else in wrestling seem really dumb and bad in comparison

lb hunktears

lb hunktears edits fanfyte, the fanbyte wrestling section. they are also the world's first PhD hunkologist as well as a noted genius, leather jacket owner and three time college dropout.

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