Cody Rhodes on Warehouse 13: A Review

The American Nightmare faces everyone worst nightmare: a high school reunion

Before new dad Cody Rhodes was the proud EVP of a very successful wrestling company, star of your coworker’s favorite reality show, and also owner of one of the world’s most questionable tattoos, he was just another pretty face trying to make it in Hollywood. I didn’t watch wrestling in 2010, so I missed Dashing Cody Rhodes as a concept, mustache and all. I did, however, watch an oft forgotten Syfy show called Warehouse 13. Set around a warehouse full of mysterious magical artifacts and all the misadventures Saul Rubinek can get them into, Warehouse 13 was on the same light fare level as Royal Pains and that other USA show about a doctor who also made house calls. It was kitschy and fun and used the leftover CGI budget from whatever shark based thriller Syfy had put out that summer.

Rhodes played Kurt Smoller, a former classmate of Myka’s who falls for her after she and her partner switch bodies due to a magical mix-up. It’s all very dashing indeed, and leads to a surprisingly grounded performance from a man who used to come out with a plastic face mask on. Kurt doesn’t solve the crime or get murdered here, but he does lock lips with Joanne Kelly, so I’d call that an award-winning role.


Kurt's a dreamboat and we get a lot of shirtless Eddie McClintock in this ep. Nothing to complain about.

  • Incredible soundtrack throughout the episode. “Afternoon Delight” plays during Kurt’s introduction, closely followed by Chumbawumba’s “Tubthumping.” Finally, we get “Truly Madly Deeply” while Myka and Kurt share a kiss. Nothing but the hits.
  • Body swap ep! The episode actually handles the gender humor with a moderate amount of late aughts grace, despite relying on Kurt being into Pete-as-Myka because she likes baseball and hot wings. Just guys being dudes.
  • I know he later had a turn on Arrow, so the man’s clearly been to a Stella Adler class, but Cody really is just excellent as the one that got away here. He fills out the mid card of this episode like it’s an episode of Dynamite.
  • Unlike other wrestlers at the time, he’s credited simply as “Cody Rhodes,” rather than a “WWE SuperStar.” The seeds of separation were already being planted.
  • Can’t wait to hear Brandi’s thoughts when this episode is covered on Rhodes to the Top. I feel like she was a big W13 fan back in the day.
  • I get that this is a serious IMDb credit for Cody, but it would have been cool to see Pete take a Cross Rhodes. Just once.


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