Chris Jericho’s All Out 2021 Entrance: A Review

This last weekend Chris Jericho went to war with MJF for the fourth time. While far from being the blow away match on the show (that honor going to the insane Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros. cage match), Jericho and MJF had a fun brawl full of callbacks to the last 30 years of Le Champion’s career and a brilliant false finish that made the crowd buy into a stipulation they thought they had figured out. Jericho’s victory hopefully puts an end to a feud that has been building since All Out 2020 and will lead to new material for two of AEW’s top stars. Even after winning his match this weekend, Jericho’s career in the squared circle feels like it is winding down, but his career as a wannabee rockstar will never die.

Jericho has arguably the most popular entrance music in wrestling right now. Unfortunately, it’s a goddamn Fozzy song. Fozzy is just, the worst. A band created by Jericho to live out his dreams of being Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses. For All Out 2021, Jericho brought out band mate and Fozzy guitarist, Billy Grey, to play him to the ring. Unfortunately for Jericho, Grey is no Slash.

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Chris Jericho’s All Out 2021 Entrance


  • I was afraid for a moment that Jericho was going to be singing live. Thankfully that didn’t happen
  • Only two members of Fozzy were on stage at onc
  • Singing along to a song with 10,000 people is always fun, even if no one knows the words and it is a Fozzy song
  • The guitar that Billy Grey had looked cool
  • No one in the building knew they would have to sing the song without the vocals to help them
  • A non-Jericho member of Fozzy was on stage
  • C’mon Chris, the Jericho choir is from Chicago, why not just bring them back?
  • Billy Grey looks like a man who would want to play Sturgis during a global pandemic
  • The guitar’s wireless kit was clearly malfunctioning, making the song sound like shit
  • The guitarist for Fozzy was playing live, making the song sound like shit
  • Billy Grey didn’t hit MJF with his guitar, hopefully breaking it and ending his run as a guitarist in a band for good
  • MJF didn’t put Billy Grey in the Salt of the Earth, hopefully ending his run as a guitarist in a band for good
  • Fucking *Fozzy*

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