Changes Coming to FanFyte’s Coverage of AEW and WWE

Thursday afternoon’s recap of AEW Dynamite, by Martin Douglas, was the last traditional recap of AEW and WWE events that FanFyte will publish. There are a good number of fans of this format, so we’d like to take a moment to explain why this is, and what will be replacing them.

This moment in professional wrestling is the most exciting in recent memory, and we want FanFyte to be nimble enough to cover it. The recap format simply isn’t capable of juggling the demands of the seismic shifts of the American wrestling scene, whether it’s CM Punk’s return or matches like John Cena vs. Roman Reigns.

Instead of recaps of weekly shows, the FanFyte team will be pulling apart WWE and AEW programming for the most important, most interesting storylines, matches, promos, and wrestling ephemera through features, reviews and microreviews. This is something we’ve already been doing, but we hope that, in doing more of it, we’ll be able to provide thoughtful, timely analysis of professional wrestling more expansively than before.

This change only affects our coverage of AEW and WWE. Emily Pratt’s New Japan Pro Wrestling recaps will continue, and will further stand apart as being among the best in this field by virtue of their uniqueness at FanFyte. As for what you can expect from FanFyte with this change, a selection of pieces from the regular coverage team follows.

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