Brock Lesnar’s Ponytail: A Review

Some are calling it "sexy." Not me, but some.

Brock Lesnar is no stranger to shocking the wrestling world. On a level similar to “ending the Undertaker’s Mania streak,” Brock debuted a brand new hairstyle during his surprise Summerslam return. Instead of the 1940’s army cut we’ve all come to know and tolerate, the Beast rocked a full beard and a tiny blond pony at the crown of his head. And let me assure you all, the man pulled it off.

Brock Lesnar's Ponytail


My only wish if for him to grown it out just a bit more so he can do pigtails.

  • More wrestlers should switch up their look for returns. Think of the pop Roman got when he came back with those bright white teeth. Same deal.
  • It's even long enough to do a little braid, or a tiny bun if he wished. Multiple styling options are in play here.
  • The undercut is still a fresh look, and it will help Brock stay cool when he's throwing F5's. That's planning ahead.
  • He's honored former manager, Paul Heyman, who used to rock the low pony way back when. This is extra controversial considering Brock is challenging Paul's new BFF Roman Reigns, who could also totally nail a high pony if he wanted to. The hair choice really adds to the story here.
  • The whole outfit only served to enhance the ponytail. Simple black tank and jeans, accessorized with a medium silver belt buckle. Nothing too flashy. The statement was all in the pony.
  • Nothing. This was a top tier look for Lesnar.


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