Billy Gunn's Tattoo Choker

Billy Gunn. A tattoo choker.

Billy Gunn's tattoo choker is like a cherry on top of a sundae. In Gunn himself, you've got all of the elements of a good time: ice cream, nuts, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and the time and solitude required to assemble those elements as opposed to horking down a pint of Cherry Garcia in the dark of your bedroom. The cherry on the top of the sundae is taking the sundae experience to the next level and ditching the concerns of real life entirely, or like going from "Hey, Mr. Ass is wrestling in 2021" to "HEY, MR. ASS IS WRESTLING."

I'm on team HEY, MR. ASS IS WRESTLING to begin with, but the choker, a regular accessory for Billy Gunn since his days as the himbo of D-Generation X, is his not infrequent companion on AEW television. Billy Gunn is now, for the record, 58 years old, and wrestling with his two sons as the trio of Gunn Club. Billy Gunn's tattoo choker is, for the record, one of wrestling's immortal looks.


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