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The Top 7 Crossovers I Want to See in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter is no stranger to crossovers. World featured costumes from Capcom games like Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Devil May Cry, but also more elaborate tie-ins with other properties — Geralt from The Witcher falls through a portal and hangs out with the hunters for a while, and a Final Fantasy XIV boss features as a high-level hunt. It stands to reason that Monster Hunter Rise will feature its share of crossovers, so here are a few I’d love to see. Some of them are more likely than others, but hey, a hunter can dream.

1. Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright isn’t as obvious a choice for a Capcom crossover as any number of more combat-oriented games, but this could be a lot of fun. Maya Fey would fit right into Kamura as is, so maybe she falls through one of those dang portals and ends up there, at which point she helps the hunters solve a monster mystery. Who stole the missing dango supplies? It couldn’t have been Kulu-Ya-Ku… “almost” Winter Star Fest means that at the time, it wasn’t Winter Star Fest yet!

2. Dark Souls

Dark Souls and Monster Hunter share so much DNA that I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t already happened. The Gaping Dragon might be a tad grisly for Monster Hunter Rise, but then, is it really any worse than Khezu? I’d take Gaping Dragon out for a nice pasta date rather than spend another second looking at that nasty pale flesh tube with wings.


3. Breath of Fire

It’d just be nice to get confirmation that Capcom remembers that Breath of Fire exists, but the series also has some incredible monster designs that already look like they could be from the world of Monster Hunter. Seriously, look at that thing — it’s called an Uparupa — and tell me you don’t want to make a hat out of it.

warframe xaku

4. Warframe

There are so many ways you could go with this — bring in a big Infested creature as a monster to hunt, have hunters craft a facsimile of a Warframe as armor, even just carry out a hunt as a frame like playing as Geralt back in World. Warframe even has the whole ninja vibe already going — wet space ninjas, but still.

Dino Crisis

5. Dino Crisis

Just put a fucking dinosaur in there. Anjanath already looks like one.

More Monster Hunter:

6. Hades

The Bone Hydra is right there, no alterations required! Plus, Zagreus’s outfit — really, any number of looks from Hades — wouldn’t look out of place in the Monster Hunter world. Maybe hunters could get a pre-hunt blessing from one of the Greek gods, or craft the Adamant Rail as a bowgun?

Disco Elysium Tips

7. Disco Elysium

Should they do this? No. They shouldn’t. It’s a bad idea. But come on, you know Harry would drop everything for the chance to see a giant lizard fight a yeti.

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