The 7 Best PVE Linear Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2 (January 2023)

Linear fusion rifles are one of the strongest weapon archetypes in Destiny 2. Quickly gaining in popularity when the Witch Queen expansion launched, these firearms have proven to be some of the best boss-killers in the game. However, there are a lot of linear fusion rifles, so it can be difficult to know which ones to hunt for. Fear not Guardian, as I have compiled a list of some of my favorite and best linear fusion rifles in the game. So if you want to decimate some big, bad bosses, here are some guns to hunt down!

(The entries in this list are in no particular order)

Best Linear Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Best Linear Fusion Rifles

1. Taipan-4fr

Let’s start the list with perhaps the most popular and obvious choice for those looking for a good endgame linear fusion rifle. Taipan-4fr exploded onto the scene when it was released a few months back. This was not only due to its superb roll of Triple Tap/Firing Line but also because of how easy it was to acquire. Unlike other legendary linear fusion rifles, players could unlock the crafting pattern for this weapon by just completing a new quest in the Enclave. Doing so unlocked this firearm, allowing you to level it up and obtain the best perks. It’s a hard-hitting weapon that’s only enhanced by the borderline-busted Veist Stinger intrinsic perk that gives you a chance to reload the gun after every hit. If you are new to the game or just need a good linear fusion rifle, this is the first one you should be hunting down.

2. Cataclysmic

My personal favorite linear fusion rifle, Cataclysmic is acquired via the Vow of the Disciple raid. While this weapon cannot roll with Firing Line, it comes with the fantastic DPS perk, Bait and Switch. Offering a 35% damage increase for 10 seconds, this perk obliterates any enemy standing before and synergizes wonderfully with Fourth Time’s the Charm. What I really like about Cataclysmic is this perk combination also makes it superb for solo or non-raid boss damage phases. You often won’t be able to just stand together and shoot every enemy, so this roll allows you to easily engage any foe.

3. Stormchaser

Before Taipan-4fr’s release, Stormchaser was considered by many to be the best DPS weapon in the game. Unlike other linear fusion rifles, Stormchaser fires in three-round bursts. Even though this linear fusion rifle isn’t the go-to choice for many players, it’s still a superb option that works well for both solo or fireteams. That being said, unless you are lucky or want to grind in the Duality strike, getting a god roll of Stormchaser can be a bit difficult. This doesn’t impact its usefulness (especially with Arc 3.0)¬† but there are other options if you want a good Arc linear fusion rifle.

4. Sleeper Simulant

The first exotic on our list, Sleeper Simulant is the “old reliable” of Destiny 2. It deals great damage, has a good fire rate, is quite easy to control, and obtaining the catalyst only makes it more devastating. So long as linear fusion rifles continue to perform this well in boss fights, Sleeper Simulant will always be a viable option. Plus, it’s a good choice for returning players who may not have the time to hunt down or craft a perfect roll of the other guns on this list.

5. Fire and Forget and Reed’s Regret

I’m cheating a bit and combining these two into a single entry. When it comes to Stasis linear fusion rifles you basically only have two choices, one of which can be a bit of a headache to get. The former is Fire and Forget, which is a new seasonal weapon that can roll with Field Prep for faster reloading and Vorpal Weapon to deal additional boss damage. This combo makes it ideal for solo players or smaller activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls. It’s also craftable, which means you can get the enhanced version of these perks.

Alternatively, for those willing to brave Trials of Osiris there is ¬†Reed’s Regret. Not only does this come with the bonkers Viest Stinger perk, but it can roll with Triple Tap/Firing Line. Both of them are terrific and serve the same purpose, so it comes down to if you’re willing to play Trials of Osiris until you get a god roll.

6. Arbalest

One of the most widely used weapons in the entire game, Arbalest is the go-to firearm for those who want to deal with Anti-Barrier Champions. Its ability to instantly pierce a barrier (and refill the entire magazine with the catalyst) makes it a force to be reckoned with. Unlike other linear fusion rifles, the Arbalest actually uses Special ammo which makes it far more consistent and easy to use in endgame content. This exotic also deals significant damage, making it a solid alternative for those needing to take down tough foes or just expend some ammo into a boss. Even with the changes coming to Champions with Lightfall, Arbalest will surely still be one of your best options.

7. Sailspy Pitchglass

The final linear fusion rifle on our list is Sailspy Pitchglass. Tied to Season of Plunder, this Arc linear fusion rifle is a more accessible and easier-to-control version of Stormchaser. A single-fire linear fusion rifle, Sailspy Pitchglass is great for those who are using the Arc subclass or mods such as Font of Might. There’s not a whole lot to cover with this gun that we haven’t already gone over with everything listed above, so just keep an eye out for a Rapid Hit/Vorpal Weapon roll.