Luigi’s Mansion 3 Has Mario Party-Like Mini-Games Without Fight-Inducing Macro-game

Drag your friends into ScreamPark for all the fun of mini-games without all the screaming over coins and stars.

Tired of hunting ghosts? Need to get your cousin involved without someone’s parents getting upset, or ruining your campaign run? Want to make your cousin upset while trying to avoid the apocalypse-level disaster that Mario Party could bring? Now, it looks like Luigi’s Mansion 3 is getting some mini-games for a little more multi-player action.

Nintendo announced that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is going to have the ScreamPark Mode (puns!) that feature three mini-games. All three utilize the game’s core mechanics, so no need to re-learn new controls. There’s no macro-game (like, say, a Mario Party-style board) so the stakes are a little lower. And these games are team-against-team, so you don’t have to worry about making enemies against your friends if you want to.

More than Mario Party, the quantity and impact of these games are a little more reminiscent of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. It was both renown its single-player mode and beloved to this day for its low-stakes multiplayer games. We can also bring up Pokemon Stadium titles, but with the competitive modes available, things could get pretty heated.

The first one, “Ghost Hunt,” is essentially Luigi’s Mansion’s core gameplay, but in mini-game form. You pick up and defeat ghosts around a graveyard, including in some gravestones. Since it’s a points-based game, there’s also a chance you’ll find a ghost that’s worth more than others. And again, it’s team-versus-team, so if you need to collaborate on grabbing a ghost, that’s always an option.

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Next, they showed “Cannon Barrage,” which leaned more into a theme of cooperation. One player aims and fires a cannon at targets, while the other(s) on the team have to help out by collecting and loading cannonballs. However, with both sides connected by a bridge, players can steal each other’s cannonballs with Suction Shot. Chances are things keep a competitive heat here.

The last game available (or that they showed, though this seems to be all) is called “Coin Floating.” You pretty much just swim around the game’s hotel’s pool in a good ol’ floaty boaty trying to pick up coins. However, floaty-popping mines drop around the pool; running into one will make you lose your coins. And honestly, the game appears to be… mostly mines for the first bit? But in their demo, the second someone died, they dropped their coins — and more appeared. So… eventually stuff happens?

The games look pretty cute with just enough replay value to come back every once in a while. Maybe it won’t have as much appeal as Kirby 64’s skill-based 100-Yard Hop, or be as cutthroat as Checkerboard Chase. But if you have kids (or easily-entertained adults) who just want to kill a bit of time, or if you all want to practice your ghost-sucking mechanics, it’s a light-hearted extra in the game.

If that’s not your speed, Luigi’s Mansion 3 also has co-op campaigns, as well as the ScareScraper mode. The latter is a “race” to defeat ghosts and find Toads on each level of the “ScareScraper,” with some puzzles along the way. Every multiplayer mode is playable online and locally, with up to two players per system and eight players per game.

Luigi’s Mansion comes out on Halloween this year for $59.99 on the Nintendo Switch.

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