How to get Island Coal, Island Effervescent Water and Island Glimshroom in Final Fantasy XIV

These three nodes are easily farmable as soon as you unlock the area.

With new Final Fantasy XIV patches comes new Island Sanctuary updates, and Patch 6.4 was no exception. There were a plethora of new things added, giving players a ton of new content to explore on their personal islands.

Two of those things are Island Coal and Island Grimshoom. They’re two of the first materials you’ll run into when you unlock the newest area of Island Sanctuaires, the Mountain Hollow. Once players have it unlocked, there will be several new things to find inside of the cavern, but you will need additional tools to be able to find all of them. In the beginning few areas, players will find three nodes they’re immediately able to hit.

Those nodes are Island Coal, which looks like a rock with several spots of coal in it, Island Glimshroom, which is very hard to notice since it glows a bright green color, and Effervescent Water. The Effervescent Water is closer to the back of the cave by the Shiny Spring and is dug up from the pointed rocks jutting out from the ground that look like spires.

For the Island Glimshroom, you don’t need any tools. It’s gathered by hand and doesn’t require any crafted tool in order to collect it. The Island Coal simply requires one of the hammers you’ve already crafted, and so does the Effervescent Water. These three items won’t be difficult for players to find and farm a ton of once they’ve unlocked the cave, considering one of the best EXP farms is the circle made by the three different nodes back by the Shiny Spring.

The nodes on the bottom floor of the Shiny Spring create almost a perfect circle, making it easy to farm up island EXP while talking to friends or watching Netflix. So if you’re set on having the max rank quickly, that loop of nodes is going to get a lot of the new materials and a lot of EXP quickly.