How to Beat the Under Construction Challenge in Destiny 2

Avast Guardians, Season of Plunder is here! This space pirate-themed Destiny 2 season is all about crossing blades with Fallen House of Salvation, hunting for buried treasure, and working with everyone’s favorite scoundrel, the Drifter. Of course, there is a bunch of new loot to chase and activities to complete. Of course, the biggest piece of content added into the game is the reprised raid from the original Destiny, King’s Fall. Unless you claimed the Day One emblem, you will need to rerun this raid to finish all the challenges. Similar to the previous challenges, Under Construction isn’t that difficult, but will require a bit more coordination. Here’s how to complete the Daughters of Oryx challenge, Under Construction, in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 King's Fall

How to Beat Under Construction Challenge

To beat the Under Construction challenge, you cannot allow someone to stand on the same plate more than once during a complete phase. However, if you become Taken you can stand on any plate regardless of if you’ve stood on it before. For the sake of clarity, we will be labeling the plates L1, L2, R1, and R2. You can see their locations labeled in the screenshot above.

When the encounter starts, assign a player to L1, L2, R1, and 2 with the last two acting as floaters in the center. Go through the motions as you normally would, having someone grab the ball of light once they’ve climbed all the Taken platforms. After picking up the first ball of light have everyone on a plate rotate clockwise to the next plate. Meaning, if you were originally standing on L1, you will now be standing on L2. Doing this ensures that even if the starting plate is the same, someone new will be standing on it.

On the off chance that someone cannot stand on a plate, it’s the job of the floaters to cover it for them. Once you move onto the damage phase, kill one of the Daughters of Oryx and then have everyone return to their original plate at the start of the encounter. Completing a damage phase allows you to stand on plates you’ve previously stood on, but you cannot repeat standing on that same plate until another damage phase is over. So long as you keep rotating who is on each plate you shouldn’t have any issue with this challenge. It’s critical that your team communicates, as you’ll want to call out if you’re ever in a situation where you cannot stand on your current plate.

However, if you’re all diligent about rotating clockwise to the next plate then you shouldn’t run into really any issues. Just make sure to always inform your floaters if they need to cover a plate for you. I also recommend trying to kill each Daughter of Oryx in a single damage phase, as this will reduce the chances of any issues popping up during the Under Construction challenge.