Destiny 2 Captain’s Coins Guide – How to Farm Captain’s Coins

Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder is almost at an end and to celebrate the last few weeks is a new community event. Revolving around improving the Eliksni Quarter, players will need to collect a new item called Captain’s Coins. The more the community collects the more this refugee camp will improve and who doesn’t want to give all the baby Fallen a new home? Bungie has always teased that there will be a variety of rewards tied to this event, such as a new Ghost shell and upgrade materials. However, if you want to earn any of these items you’ll need to contribute to the event by collecting a new seasonal item. Here’s how to earn Captain’s Coins during Destiny 2’s new community event:

How to Farm Captain’s Coins

You can get Captain’s Coins in Destiny 2 as a reward for completing Lost Sectors, Public Events, strikes, Ketchcrashes, Expeditions, strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, Dares of Eternity, and the King’s Fall raid. To start collecting Captain’s Coins, go to the Tower and interact with the open chest in front of you. You’ll hear a message from Spider and be given a quest called “A Rising Tide.” Now go complete a Public Event to quickly gain 10 Captain’s Coins before returning to the Tower and donating this amount into the chest.

After completing this step, you can now freely complete activities to grind for Captain’s Coins throughout the community event. Since playlist activities appear to be bugged, the fastest and most efficient way to acquire these coins is actually just running a Lost Sector. Opening the final chest, regardless of what Lost Sector it is, will reward 14 coins. To compare, here is the amount of Captain’s Coins other activities currently offer:

  • Public Events – 10 Coins
  • Dares of Eternity – 35 Coins
  • Expeditions – 50 Coins
  • Ketchcrash – 50 Coins
  • Killing Oryx in King’s Fall – 100 Coins

Since you can finish any Lost Sector and earn 14 coins, I recommend loading up the EDZ and running through the Atrium in Trostland. This Lost Sector can easily be completed in under a minute, making this the most efficient method for farming this material for players. Yes, it’s boring, but until we know how many Captain’s Coins playlist activities rewards, this is the best way to obtain a lot in a short amount of time.

Keep in mind, every player will have the amount they donated individually tracked via their own reward tracker emblem. Players will only have two weeks to participate and complete this community event so make sure to hop in sometime soon! Along with this event, Bungie has also made changes to some of the Season of Plunder seal requirements. This includes reducing the number of killed Ruffians from 50 to 25 and only requiring users to summon each First Mate Crew member once. Additionally, players will only need 14 Drop Vendor upgrades as opposed to the full 21. Given how grind-intensive this seal was, I do understand why Bungie would change it. Killing 50 Ruffians was exceptionally tedious, so it’s great to see this reduced.

The Eliksni Quarter community event is now live along with all the Seal changes listed above.