Darktide Best Class Guide – Is There a Best Class in Darktide?

Praise the Emperor, Warhammer 40k: Darktide’s pre-order beta has finally been released which means it’s time to purge the heretics of Chaos. Set in the hive city of  Tertium, Darktide casts players as a convict turned inquisitor, who is tasked with clearing out infestations of Chaos demons and their followers. Players can play as one of four unique classes, each of which has its own strengths, weaknesses, and roles within a squad. However, this can be a bit tricky to parse and time-consuming for those who don’t want to hit the max level with all four classes. So if you’re new to Darktide, here’s how each class functions and if there is a “best class” you should pick.

Does Darktide Have a Best Class?

The short answer is no, there is no single class that’s simply better than the other three. The only class that may struggle in higher difficulty content is Ogryn, simply because their hitbox is huge and they are a little more reliant on having the shield melee weapon to block incoming fire. That being said, you can make any class work so long as you play smart, understand your job on the team, and communicate.

Darktide Classes


Veterans are all about long-range combat and using guns. While every class will have a firearm, Veterans have skills specific around using them and hitting the weak spots on enemies. They have increased weakspot damage, can hold more ammo, and get passive bonuses (called Feats) that buff their damage the further away they are. This is for players who don’t have any interest in melee combat, as your primary method of killing enemies will be shooting them. A Veteran’s role is to both thin the enemy ranks and take out priority targets from range. This is especially useful in higher-difficulty missions, as enemy snipers, shooters, and mini-gun-wielding Ogryns are quite deadly.

That being said, if you don’t have great aim or prefer fighting up close then this isn’t a class for you. A lot of the best weapons with Veterans are ones you can use from a distance, as this will trigger several different Feats. Additionally, Veterans have access to Frag Grenades for big groups and their ability is called Volley Fire. Leaning into the idea of targeting Specialist tier enemies, this ability briefly increases your ranged damage by 50% and marks non-Ogryn Elite foes as Priority Targets on your HUD. It’s perfect for chaotic situations or if you need to quickly eliminate dangerous threats that could kill your frontline.


My favorite class, Zealots are all about risk vs reward. Largely, close-range combatants, Zealots thrive in bloodshed and being in the middle of all the fighting. They have increased melee attack speed, and stun grenades, and can ignore an otherwise fatal blow every 90 seconds. Zealots also gain additional damage the lower their health is and have some Feats that tie into taking damage to output even more damage. This is a frontline class that has a lot of sustain once you start leveling them up and unlocking key passives. Veterans also have access to weapons like horde decimating  Flamer and the Chainsword which is terrific against armored enemies.

Zealot’s ability is Chastise the Wicked, which sees them charge forward, replenish all their toughness (shield), and deal 25% increased melee damage on their next hit. This makes them exceptionally versatile, as this can act as a quick health boost, a way to reposition, or a terrific move to quickly swat enemy Specialists harassing your backline. While I am a little biased, I do think Zealots are the most versatile class and one of the best for solo players.


Here’s where things get interesting, as Psykers play and function vastly differently than the other classes. Utilizing psychokinetic abilities, Psykers can crush the minds of enemies, hurl explosive energy balls, and fire electricity at their foes. Think of them as Darktide’s version of mages, but far more psychotic and disliked by their comrades. The catch is, Pskyers need to maintain their mental stability (Peril), otherwise, they will become overwhelmed and instantly down themselves. This is represented by a meter in the middle of your screen which increases whenever you use power and can be decreased either by manually doing so or just over time. It’s a delicate balance, but once you master it this class is terrifying.

They are the best at single target damage, allowing them to easily take down a single foe by using their Psykinetic Wrath skill. You also can release a small blast around you to knock enemies back creating some needed space. Psykers utilize Force Staves, which open up a whole bunch of new powers that are tied to your Peril meter. If you want a class that uses something other than a gun or melee weapon then make sure to give Pskyers a try.


Big guns, big knives, the biggest boys. Ogryns are the heavy weapons specialists and tanks of Darktide. All of their gear is exclusive to them due to their size, most of which is terrific at absolutely devastating hordes of enemies. An Ogryn is all about making space for your team, drawing attention, and protecting your team. They can revive allies even when taking damage, take less damage, hurl a literal box of grenades, and stampede over almost any foe. However, their biggest liability is their size as they can draw a lot of attention and gunfire just walking around. Yet, Ogryns are terrific support units that have some truly awesome weapons like full-auto shotguns, massive machine guns, and grenade launchers attached to their arm.

Ogryns also get access to a shield and club melee weapon. This allows Ogryns to block incoming fire or just become an immovable wall that your allies can use as cover. It’s quite useful — especially in high-difficulty levels where you will be shot at by enemies all the time. Ogryns are for people who love tanks or just big, devastating weapons. Just remember, you are required by law to name your Ogryn something funny.