Kristen Stewart is Casting A “Super Gay Ghost Hunting Adventure,” We’ve Played Enough Phasmophobia to Apply

Noted queer actor Kristen Stewart is going to star in a “super gay ghost hunting adventure,” reality TV series, casting LGBTQ+ folks now.

I was perusing gay instagram this evening (that is, my Instagram account), and one of my favorite handles, godimsuchadyke, featured a post by Kristen Stewart that I simply had to share with Fanbyte readers. In the video (which, People and queer site Autostraddle report was originally posted to stylist CJ Romero’s account) Stewart makes a slightly chaotic but earnestly impassioned call for LGBTQ+ “ghost hunters, paranormal specialists, mediums, psychics, investigators who will lead the pack on this super gay ghost hunting adventure.” Stewart says she is “scarily excited,” and with that 90s background music, handheld camera and intense, third coffee energy, we should be too!


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The best part, in my opinion, is when she calls the whole endeavor (a partnership with Scout) “the most gayest, most fun-est, most titillating ghost hunting show ever,” and she totally does do a tiny — tasteful — self boob-grab gesture. She knows what’s up! 

If you are curious, which, Stewart notes, “is what you should be while starting a new adventure!” or think you can make the cut, the call is out on The application site itself is honestly amazing, asking a prospective cast member plenty of questions about their paranormal experience. There are so many questions for the queer psychic, medium, historian or straight up paranormal investigator to get into, such as the scariest place they’ve ever investigated, how they came to the paranormal space, and there’s a space for creators to make a video explaining to the producers why they are the most FABULOUS (all caps) paranormal expert around!

This screen also just tickled me. This is great!

gay ghost hunting interview

What I really want to know is how she is preparing for this role of a lifetime. Playing Phasmophobia with other queers? Watching The Haunting of Bly Manor (a very queer ghost story) on repeat? Whatever it is, I’m sure she’ll be ready to lead a pack of queer psychics into haunted houses or… whatever else it is one does on a ghost hunting show. 

To go just an iota deeper, even though we’re all having fun here, I do wonder if there will be any attention paid to, well, the trauma LGBTQ+ folks have suffered through the ages, which might prompt potential ghost stories/ghost mythologies in the first place. Bly Manor is beautiful for many reasons (which we got into pretty deeply on the You Love To See It episode above), and sad in the way great ghost stories often are.

This is going to be a reality show, yes, and describing the whole thing as “the most gayest, most fun-est, most titillating ghost hunting show ever,” does not exactly bely bummer vibes, but a deft touch with direction, editing and overall and production means there could be room for complex emotions and titillation at once. Why not both!?

I, for one, love ghost stories that are all kinds of things. I just love ghost stories, gay ghost stories, and Kristen Stewart at this point in her career, honestly.