Harley Quinn Season 3 Gets Explosive New Teaser Trailer, Drops on July 28th

DC's animated Harley Quinn TV show is finally coming back to HBO Max this summer

Season 3 of the Harley Quinn TV show is finally coming to HBO Max on July 28th, according to a Tweet from their official Twitter account. We finally got a release date, Harlivy lives on!

After a two year hiatus, Harley Quinn, Gotham’s greatest criminal, is back with her ragtag crew and grassroots bae. In the announcement Tweet, we finally get Harley Quinn Season 3’s release date, which has openly been in production for at least a year. The account also shared a brief teaser trailer that showcases some of the new season’s shenanigans including: Harley gifting the head of Suicide Squad to Poison Ivy as a two year anniversary present, Clayface and King Shark breaking out of prison, and a controversial clip of Batman getting awkwardly intimate with a rather unenthused Catwoman.

The Harley Quinn TV show reinvents DC in truly refreshing ways; the decisive character choices consistently shock and deliver some pretty good gags. The show makes it a point to name Joker the second most funny Gotham villain (The Riddler is funnier in this universe), Clayface is a grown up theatre kid, and George Lopez lives in Gotham city. Harley Quinn plays too much, and it actually got them in some trouble during their production of Season 3. Last year in an interview with Variety, Harley Quinn co-creator Justin Halpern revealed that DC Comics asked the Harley Quinn team to remove a scene where Batman performs oral sex on Catwoman. Their reasoning was because “Heroes just don’t do that.”

Harley Quinn is an animated series that follows the life of the titular Harley as she finds herself after her messy breakup with the Joker. The writing is incredibly quick witted; Harley Quinn curates a hilarious black comedic tone while still making time for some very sweet, sentimental moments. It also has a surprisingly sharp and eclectic cast of Kaley Cuoco (Harley Quinn), Ron Funches (King Shark), J.B. Smoove (Frank the Plant), Jason Alexander (Sy Borgman), and more. It’s wild that we finally know the release date for Harley Quinn Season 3, it feels like it’s been so long since the show aired… If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend breezing through the first two seasons in preparation for July 28th.