Xbox E3 2019: Halo Infinite Trailer, Details, & Gameplay

The Microsoft owned 343 Industries has had a hell of a time trying to wrap their hands around the Halo franchise. Halo 4 with the Prometheans, the Didact, and Cortana’s slow descent into rampancy left a lot to be desired. Halo 5: Guardians got the studio headed in the right direction, at least when it came to multiplayer. The studio returns in 2020 with Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite was announced during E3 2018. We didn’t get much info from the news though. The Master Chief is back, we’re on one of the Halo rings, the Warthog returns, and there are still those things that fire into the sky. For the most part, it was honestly just a tech demo of the new Slipspace Engine that 343 is using to develop the game.

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In what is a departure for Microsoft, Halo Infinite will release on both PC and Xbox One as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. It’ll also likely be a part of both the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass PC at launch. If you’re not a fan of Microsoft’s platform, you’ll also be able to purchase the game via Steam.

Halo Infinite Details at E3 2019

According to Microsoft, it’s safe to think of Halo Infinite as Halo 6. However, Head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross says it’s a “spiritual reboot” of the franchise. Honestly, that’s something that most fans will welcome. The original Halo trilogy, Halo: Reach, ODST, and basically anything developed by Bungie is almost entirely looked upon fondly. With the struggles of Halo 4 and Halo 5, as the studio struggled to figure out how to be Halo and yet make it their own, it makes sense that the developer would regroup with a big effort to change things.

From what we’ve heard, Halo Infinite focuses primarily on Master Chief. We don’t expect to switch back and forth between two main characters like we did in Halo 5.

Speaking of, you’d be forgiven to have forgotten the plot of Halo 5. Last we saw Master Chief and Blue Team, Cortana was trying to use the Guardians to disarm all forms of life in the galaxy. All of this was supposedly in the name of galactic peace. Blue Team gets locked inside of a Forerunner prison before being rescu. Cortana, having failed to activate her plan, has left the planet inside a Guardian. Yet all sources of artificial intelligence across the galaxy have started swearing allegiance to her. Master Chief and everyone aboard the Infinity are said to be doing a neverending series of random jumps until they can find a way to fight Cortana.

Cortana is planning on using the Guardians to achieve galactic peace through forcible disarmament. Master Chief, aware of the massive devastation Cortana’s plan will cause, attempts to convince Cortana to stand down. She refuses and confines Blue Team in a Forerunner prison, to prevent them from interfering with her plan. Osiris manages to transfer control of Genesis back to Exuberant, who wrests the prison from Cortana as she leaves the planet via a Guardian.

But what else do we know about Halo Infinite? Not much! The game will be a launch title for Microsoft’s new Project Scarlett, the next Xbox console.



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