Wowhead Wednesday 6/12/2019

Happy Wednesday! We’ve had quite the time on Wowhead, Fanbyte’s sister site, since the WoW Classic beta launched… and we haven’t forgotten about 8.2 Rise of Azshara either.

For this edition of Wowhead Wednesday, we’ll highlight some of the site’s most-important Classic updates and guides, saving a little bit of room for 8.2 news including giant pet dinosaurs.

Story of Classic Warcraft

Why are we fighting in Molten Core? Why did the Forsaken join the Horde? Why is Anduin, just a kid, the ruler of Stormwind? In this lore deep-dive with Nobbel87, we explain the history behind every faction, why we venture into each dungeon, and the outcome of every Classic raid.

Classic Dungeon Loot Tables

Plan out your early level 60 gear lists to your heart’s content with our Classic Dungeon loot tables! Just visit any boss page to see all their drops, including Tier 0 and Scholomance item sets. And why does Blackrock Depths have SO MANY bosses?

Classic WoW Bags and Storage

We’re all in for a nasty surprise when Classic WoW hits and we’re struggling for bag space–not even the free bag space perk from the Authenticator carries over into Classic. It’s time to Marie Kondo your inventory and pray for a Small Brown Pouch to drop–or use our guide to find the best bag options for all levels.

Classic Item Stat Filters

Journey back to the days before Titanforging and RNG procs to sort through all the creative gear offered in Classic, including gear with negative stamina and long-lost attributes like Dagger Skill and Spell Penetration.

WoW Classic Class Quest Guides

All classes in Classic WoW had quests to learn iconic abilities and items, ranging from the Warrior Whirlwind Axe to Druid Aquatic Form. If you’ve been missing your class fantasy from Legion, with Battle for Azeroth destroying Legion artifacts and starting a faction war, reading through these old quests will scratch that class itch.

Tame Giant Armored Dinosaurs

Hey! Some non-Classic WoW news finally! In Rise of Azshara, hunters will be able to tame Horridon and Oondasta–formidable bosses from Mists of Pandaria. They’re gigantic dinosaurs absolutely covered in grandiose Zandalari Troll armor.

Benthic Armor in Rise of Azshara

Another quirky topic from the 8.2 PTR is the addition of Benthic Armor. If you’ve taken a break from WoW, you’ll want to check this out as it’s a catch-up gear system. If you’re currently playing WoW and find catch-up gear systems boring, you’ll still want to check this out as every item has an interesting effect–like unlocking a mount vendor. Did we get your attention now?

That’s all for this Wowhead spotlight on Fanbyte, we’ll see you next week with some more Classic and Rise of Azshara shennagains!