Wowhead Wednesday 5/22/2019

It's a feature not a bug

Happy Wednesday! With the WoW Classic beta launching on May 15th, Fanbyte’s sister site Wowhead had a whirlwind nostalgia-filled week, creating tools, guides, and a database for this archival version of World of Warcraft.

While the beta has limited access, you’ve no doubt seen WoW at the top of Twitch, or the infamous “Not a Bug” article making the rounds, so we’ve highlighted some of Wowhead’s coverage and recent site features! Get ready to go back to 2004 when Thrall was in charge.

WoW Classic “Not a Bug” List

Due to players reporting aspects of WoW Classic that were not actually bugs, Blizzard made a list of these commonly-reported features such as feared players running quickly and slower NPC respawn rates. Surprise, vanilla was difficult!

Wacky Wednesday – Savory Deviate Delight, Magic Dust, Arena Master

Every week, we’re highlighting some fun items from Classic in our brand-new Wowhead Classic database! Learn how to turn into a ninja, put your enemies to sleep, or survive a free-for-all PvP zone.

WoW Classic Leveling Guides

Leveling in vanilla WoW was pretty rough–no quest tracking, hard-hitting enemies, slower respawns. Fear not–Wowhead has published a series of leveling guides detailing the best leveling specs, talent builds, leveling gear, and when to train higher rank spells.

Classic Wowhead Database Now Available in Many Languages

Did somebody say [Donnerzorn, Gesegnete Klinge des Windsuchers]?

Wowhead’s Classic WoW Interview with Brian Birmingham and Patrick Dawson

On the eve of the WoW Classic beta starting, Wowhad was invited to a special media summit at Blizzard HQ. We interviewed Lead Software Engineer Brian Birmingham and Production Director Patrick Dawson on some finer points of WoW Classic that hadn’t yet been addressed in their detailed forum posts. When will later content phases hit? How will the collector’s edition pets work? Can you get Old School Ride (unarmored) mounts in early phases? Will community sites such as Wowhead have access to an API for creative tools?

Burning Crusade and Wrath Legacy Servers?

The Burning Classic? Wrath of the Classic King? Classic-ism? Mists of Classic? Warlords of Classic? …We’ll stop now, but after months of evading questions, Blizzard recently confirmed in several interviews they wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of reviving old expansions, should there be enough community support.

Classic WoW Overview

If you’ve made it to the end of this article, you’re likely interested in Classic WoW. Should you still be fuzzy on the details, such as payment, character creation, or the release date, the Wowhead team compiled a mega-FAQ on all the important Classic WoW topics.

That’s all for this Wowhead spotlight, and we hope to share more Classic news–and maybe even some Rise of Azshara updates–for our next Fanbyte spotlight.