Wizards of the Coast Updates the MTG Arena Mastery System

Executive Producer at Wizards of the Coast, Chris Cao, has released a surprise developer update for MTG Arena today. It’s largely in response to the community’s backlash over the MTG Arena Mastery Pass. In short, it was nearly impossible to reach the highest ranks of the pass without playing just about every day. Many complained that the game was shifting its biggest rewards from a weekly cadence to a daily cadence. In his response, Cao walked back a lot of the changes.

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As of today, weekly win rewards are back! Here are the details from WOTC:

  1. Weekly win rewards are back. For your first 15 wins of the week you will get 250 XP per win.
  2. XP will be removed from daily wins. They’ll still award gold and individual card rewards (ICRs).
  3. Quests will still give out XP, but we’re lowering it to 500 per quest; the amount of available XP has increased overall, with the difference being earned through weekly wins.
  4. Through events and codes, there will still be another 15+ levels of XP players can earn over the course of a set.

Once this update goes live, everyone will be reset at zero weekly wins, all quests will reward 500 XP down from 800 XP, and nothing will be changed retroactively.

Wizards also released the following graphic showing how this should affect progression as a whole. In it, they say anyone who plays once a week should now be able to hit Level 67. That’s more than double the previous expected level of 32. This assumes you complete three quests and 15 wins a week and it doesn’t include any promo codes or event rewards which Wizards says is coming.

The developer will also be removing the level purchase button at the end of the month saying it was too “in your face.” There will eventually be new ways to buy levels, but no details were shared. The next Mastery Pass, Archery, will also have some changes as a result. Right now they’re tossing ideas around like a catch up modifier to help those who have fallen behind or gotten a late start.

A new single-player Chronicles event that will start before August should help players earn some extra levels as well. Details were sparse, again, but Cao says that it will offer 1,000 XP per week alongside other rewards like War of the Spark Chronicles before it. Weekly wins and event length for each chapter will be reduced as per the community’s feedback. We’ll share specific details as soon as we have them.

There will apparently be another end-of-season event in September that comes with more XP.

If that’s enough to get you to hop back in, make sure to use the promo codes LevelUp and BroughtBack for an extra 2,000 XP each. Our MTG Arena Promo Codes Guide has all of the active promotional materials for you to redeem in the shop.


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