Watch the E3 2019 Xbox Press Briefing Here: Start Time & Stream

Halo, Fable, a new Xbox, Gears of War, and more?

Want to know where to watch the Xbox E3 2019 press briefing? The answer is right here! And you definitely want to stay plugged in, if you care about the future of games at all. The Xbox is sure to be one of the biggest showpieces at E3 2019. PlayStation is sitting things out this year, so the door is wide open for Microsoft to make a major splash. Any announcements for new games, hardware, and services will appear first during the show. So make sure you tune in to stream the Xbox E3 2019 stream right here.

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Microsoft really is taking full advantage of this opportunity, too. Xbox head Phil Spencer has already announced that there will be “14 Xbox Games Studios games in the show this year.” And that includes more first-party games than Xbox has ever brought to E3 before. In addition to rumors about a new Xbox — not to mention new developments around Game Pass and XCloud — that’s quite a packed show. Naturally, rumors and speculation are already flying as to what Xbox specifically has ready to rock at E3 2019, too.

Rumors of a Fable sequel abound, as Playground Games (makers of Forza Horizon) is said to be working on a “non-racing” open-world game. An alleged leak about Fable 4 seemed to support this, but it’s tough to say for certain. There has so far been no official word from Microsoft, at least.

Speaking of studios acquired by Microsoft, Ninja Theory was also absorbed into the Xbox brand last year. The company behind Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DmC: Devil May Cry apparently had its next game leaked just ahead of the Xbox E3 2019 press conference as well. There’s even footage of the game, titled Bleeding Edge, available online. It’s apparently a four-on-four multiplayer action game. The leaked footage also promises that Bleeding Edge will have a technical alpha on June 27. That’s awfully soon!

Watch the Xbox E3 2019 Press Conference

There’s even speculation about which third-party games might appear at the press briefing. Speculation includes everything from a new Splinter Cell (which publisher Ubisoft has repeatedly hinted at), to a collaboration between Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin and From Software (Dark Souls, Bloodborne). We know that collaboration is real, at least. It’s called Elden Ring and is being published by Namco Bandai. It’s just not clear if it will have any ties to Microsoft. What is clear is that time on the E3 2019 Xbox stage definitely seems in demand.

Finally, there are the “known unknowns.” Halo: Infinite will almost surely appear during the press briefing. Yet we still know next to nothing about the game itself. Will it take the Halo franchise into live game territory, like Destiny and The Division? Or is it just a spin-off with the series’ usual structure? Gears of War also has quite the upcoming line-up. Gears 5, Gears POP!, and Gears Tactics all seem ready for the spotlight. But how much time will they receive during the roughly two-hour Xbox show?

We’ll definitely know more on Sunday, June 9 at 1 p.m. PDT. That’s when the Xbox E3 2019 press briefing officially begins. Of course, you can watch the stream itself above. Just click on the embedded video player, strap in, and prepare for the news! And be sure to bookmark this page ahead of time to tune into the stream as soon as possible. Until then, have fun speculating with the rest of us about what might show up!