Where is Xur Today? Location and Exotic Reviews – November 2, 2018

Where is Xur? That’s always the question with Destiny 2‘s fickle mystery merchant. He is, of course, back again this week. And he’s packing Titan, Warlock, and Hunter exotic armor, along with one exotic weapon usable by all classes. You can also purchase a Fated Engram for a Year One Destiny 2 exotic you don’t already have. Just bring plenty of legendary shards as payment! Now, without any further ado, let’s see what the worm-faced peddler is packing—and where.

Where is Xur?

NESSUS: Xur is on Nessus this week. To find him, fast travel directly to the Watcher’s Grave. He’s chilling on a massive tree in the northern part of that area. Start at the tree’s trunk (to the west of Xur’s exact location) and follow the thick branches upwards. You can’t miss him!

As of the Forsaken expansion, Xur is no longer visible on the Destiny 2 map. Nor is his location tied to the weekly Flashpoint. He does seem to appear at all of his old, pre-Forsaken haunts, however. So far, Xur has never shown up at a DLC location (Mars, Mercury, The Tangled Shore, and The Dreaming City). So those of you without the expansions can still safely retrieve his goodies. Especially since he still isn’t selling any Year Two exotics.

Fated Engram

The Fated Engram is a semi-random exotic based on your existing collection. It’ll grant you one exotic per week, per account, from Destiny 2‘s year one catalog—no Forsaken gear, sadly. The upside is that Fated Engrams never drop something you already have. So it’s perfect for filling out your collection. Not to mention a lot of original Destiny 2 exotics pair incredibly well with Forsaken‘s new character abilities.

Cost: 97 Legendary Shards

Exotic Weapon: Vigilance Wing

This has long been, and remains, an extremely attractive PVP weapon. It provides a boost of health regeneration and movement speed whenever a nearby ally dies. That happens a lot in competitive multiplayer. Meanwhile, the Last Stand perk increases recovery and the weapon’s performance when you’re the last surviving member of your fireteam. So Vigilance Wing is extra useful in those hardcore competitive modes.

Cost: 29 Legendary Shards

Titan Armor: Armamentarium

The Armamentarium is another piece of gear that’s especially useful for PVP titans. Its primary perk is an extra grenade charge. That’s incredibly useful for Sentinels—particular those with Forsaken‘s Code of the Commander subclass. Suppressor Grenades shut down enemy players’ abilities (including jumping) for a short time. Which is hilarious. Combined with the Commander’s ultra-fast grenade cooldowns, you can spam the powerful explosives nearly nonstop.

Cost: 23 Legendary Shards

Warlock Armor: Starfire Protocol

Starfire Protocol is a potent combo Exotic. Although it only works with the Warlock’s solar subclasses and the Fusion Grenade. If you don’t like one or the other, you’re out of luck. If you do like Fusion Grenades, however, get ready to lob them all day long. Starfire Protocol gives you two charges of the explosive ability. It also recharges faster whenever you damage enemies while empowered (with an Empowering Rift or the Well of Radiance). Not to mention Fusion Grenade kills recharge your Empowering Rift right back.

Cost: 23 Legendary Shards

Hunter Armor: Fr0st-EE5

Fr0st-EE5 does three things. First, it beefs up your ability to sprint with a better turn radius and more mobility. Second, it recharges you grenade, melee, and dodge skills whenever you do sprint. And last but not least, dodging buffs your sprints peed even more. It’s a very “neutral” Exotic (meaning it doesn’t depend on a specific subclass). Although it pairs well with the Forsaken‘s Way of a Thousand Cuts. The idea is to get in, use your abilities, and run away to recharge your abilities. Rinse and repeat. As such it’s pretty useful for both PVP and PVE.

Cost: 23 Legendary Shards

Besides Xur’s usual stock, don’t forget to grab the Horror Story. It’s a light level 600 gun tied to the Destiny 2‘s Festival of the Lost event. This is also the last week to retrieve it before it’s gone forever. But before you do, maybe check out our Destiny 2: Forsaken review for our full thoughts on the expansion. And take a look at our wiki for any and all solutions to the game’s most pressing problems.


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