Where Is the Fanbyte Rage 2 Review?

Rage 2 is another post-apocalyptic first-person shooter from Bethesda Softworks — publishers of Fallout, Doom, Wolfenstein, and more. It’s also one of the bigger video games scheduled for release in May 2019. So you might think we’d like to run a Rage 2 review as soon as humanly possible. You’re absolutely right, and we’re working hard to get a that review — along with the usual guide and video coverage you’ve come to expect from Fanbyte — up quickly. However, there are just a couple wrinkles.

We did, in fact, receive a review copy of Rage 2 ahead of its May 14 release date. Which is always a big help! However, this didn’t happen until Saturday afternoon — less than 48 hours before the Rage 2 review embargo was set to lift. That’s not a ton of time even for a small game with a big team. Rage 2 — an open-world game from the same studio team behind the Just Cause series — is decidedly not very small. The Fanbyte staff, on the other hand, is relatively dainty compared to a lot of major outlets.

There’s also the “Post-Launch Wasteland” factor. Rage 2 will, like pretty much every AAA action game these days, include a batch of post-release content in the form of live events and updates. These are not in the game as of yet, however. Instead, Bethesda expects these features “to begin shortly after launch.” That seems pretty smart! There’s plenty of game to chew through in the meantime, after all.

Where Is the Fanbyte Rage 2 Review?

With those factors in mind, we’ve decided to hold off on judging the game until we have more time to experience its full breadth and depth. We believe that’s the best way to judge it fairly without overworking some poor editor or freelancer to death. And by “some poor editor” I mean me… I’m, uh, the one writing the Rage 2 review. I’ll also be in charge of many, if not all, of the guides you read and enjoy about the game in the future. Like I said: We’re a small team.

Don’t fret, though! We’ll get our Rage 2 review up and ready in short order. In the meantime, we even have a Rage 2 preview for you to peruse! We’ll also post guides, stream gameplay, discuss the shooter on our podcast, and just generally cover its release where necessary. We’ll also continue to cover noteworthy updates and those live events as they pop up. Consistent coverage of live games is… kind of our thing.

So what does this mean for you? Not a whole lot, in the short-term. I tend to think reviews are more useful as a cross-section than anything. You read a number of opinions, find which ones address the specific features that speak to you, and decide on the ones you trust. Then you make your decision. Or maybe you’ve already made your decision, and you’re just curious how it lines up with other folks. Hell, maybe you read reviews to gain new appreciation — or discover new criticisms — of things you didn’t think about before. I certainly do! People use reviews for a lot of different reasons. Nearly all of them are perfectly valid.

Our Rage 2 review will hopefully help out with that. In the meantime, though, there will probably be a number of takes out there for you to enjoy and use. Don’t be ashamed to do just that! Just consider checking back with us when we have something more to say, too. We always appreciate it.