What Your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Golden Deer Romance Says About You

The house with the perpetual chaotic bisexual energy.

So, you’ve found out what your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blue Lions and Black Eagles romances say about you, and now you’re here for Golden Deer.

This (extremely bi energy) house is interesting because it’s not as deeply involved in the war as the Blue Lions and Black Eagles are. Its members immediately come across as rowdy, colorful, and chaotic. Thus, it’s seen by many fans as the happiest house — and yet, there’s an incredible amount of complexity to the members of Golden Deer that don’t make them any less tragic, inspirational, and dynamic to discover. Let’s see what your favorite member says about you!

Lorenz Hellman Gloucester

fire emblem lorenz

You have a strong sense of justice and are someone with strong convictions. You have an equally strong sense of responsibility; you take every role you’re given seriously, and you feel compelled to be an ideal model in those roles. Despite this, you’ve made many mistakes — but that’s why you can rise up to the challenges you eagerly take. You have done a lot of growing, and you’re humble and more considerate of others for it. You’re generally good at taking failure for what it is: a chance to learn. It’s a difficult thing to become good at, and certainly, not everyone does it, so you should take more pride in that.

You think it’s vital to be self-reflective and own up to your mistakes. Even if your pride gets in the way at first, you always tend to come back around, see another point of view, and think about how you can be better. And becoming better is of incredible importance to you. That’s why you ultimately went with Lorenz and saw his initial pompousness for what it was: a sign that he was going to do plenty of growing and maturing.

You’re also probably extremely good at being witty and using arrogance for humor, which tends to catch people off-guard at first but makes them quickly grow to love you.

Leonie Pinelli

fire emblem leonie

You like feeling useful. You believe in the concept of working hard to get what you want, even while knowing that we don’t actually live in a meritocracy. There are people at the top and at the bottom; chances are that you’re in the latter half, and Leonie is the success story you respect the heck out of.

You love Leonie because of her humble backgrounds; how incredibly hard she works; how she insists on appreciating what one has. She’s direct, grounded, and blunt — refreshing traits that separate her from the majority of students at the academy, who are well-off in ways she can only dream of. She’s incredibly human in a sea of people that are often stuffy and likely wouldn’t survive a day in her life. You appreciate her complexities. She’s probably the character with the most humble beginnings out of everyone, and that makes her feel like she has to constantly be competitive and prove herself. She got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do that and she’s not wasting it. You’re similar; you know what you want, you go after it, and you don’t let it go easily. You’re frustrated by people who don’t appreciate what they have, who don’t realize the potential costs of pursuing a dream, or who don’t possess the drive to become better. Overall, Leonie is someone you admire and strive to be like, and that’s why you were drawn to her the most.

You tend to go for the underdogs and are defensive of the women a fandom tends to hate. If there’s a woman in a fandom people tend to pile on, chances are she’s your favorite.

Raphael Kirsten

fire emblem raphael

You love big men with an even bigger heart. You love men who look tough, and can be tough but are normally quite soft. Did you have a big stuffed animal that you were really attached to as a child? Or maybe you have a preference for big dogs. You like the sense that what you see is what you get, and you want to see loyalty, kindness, and happiness.

You’ve had your fair share of hardship and sadness, so you like the joy and simplicity Raphael radiates. He’s warm, cares about his sister, and is honest with his likes, dislikes, talents, and lack thereof. Life is often complicated, but you know it doesn’t always have to be. You have a few things you’re extremely passionate about, and you’re happy to focus on those things and give them all you’ve got.

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Marianne von Edmund

fire emblem marianne

You’re good at extending empathy to others. You’ve likely struggled to love yourself, and have depended on the empathy and love from other people to overcome that. And hey — that’s more than okay. The truth is that loving oneself is a lifelong journey, and it’s one we can’t go on alone.

Marianne gathers the strength to face some of her biggest fears and grow into someone she can see herself loving; it’s why you love her. Maybe you’ve gotten to this point, or are in the process of going through this growth, and thus you have the utmost respect and admiration for her and her efforts. Seeing her development is one of the greatest rewards of this game for you, especially because she’s someone you can see yourself in. She’s a relatable character for many, and thankfully, the aspects that make her relatable aren’t positive or romanticized by the writing. Wanting to see her get better is what drew you to her — and, just like her, you’re capable of accomplishing that. You’ve got some fire in you — you’re determined, defiant, and care deeply about your loved ones, whether you realize it or not.

You love discovering new things to love, but you get even more excited about people getting into your favorite things. You also like animals and have often turned to them for comfort instead of other people.

Hilda Valentine Goneril

fire emblem hilda

You have high expectations of yourself, even if you don’t always show or acknowledge it. You tend to underestimate yourself, scared that you won’t meet others’ expectations; you’re even more scared of not meeting yours. But you’re a hard worker, harder than you realize and give yourself credit for. It is deeply important for you to be yourself and live life in the way you want; to have fun and be vulnerable. However, that’s often at odds with what you feel you should do, and with the constant feeling that you could and should be doing more. You’re self-assured in who you are and yet you’re usually questioning yourself. You’re a bit of a paradox in general, but that’s what makes you interesting.

You firmly believe in the “you can’t fight crime if you ain’t cute” meme. You love cute things and cute girls — and, if you’re a lady, chances are that you’re a cute girl who loves cute things. You’ve got a lot of love to give — sometimes all you need is a little push to focus on being honest and free instead of worrying about what others will think.

Ignatz Victor

fire emblem ignatz

You’ve made a significant life decision that went against what everyone else expected and demanded of you. But you’re just the kind of person who values happiness above everything. What’s the point of living a life in which you meet society’s demands, and not the ones of your own heart? Even if you hesitate to make decisions in general, you’re not afraid to be vulnerable and take risks when it comes to sowing the seeds for what you most desire.

You have a specific thing you hyper fixate on. You have a passion and you’re dedicated to developing it, regardless of the obstacles, duties, and sacrifices. You also tend to struggle with giving too much of yourself. It’s important to remember there’s no harm in giving, but you need to have some things for yourself in order to give more to others later. You have a difficult time striking that balance, especially because you are kind (and that’s why you like kind, pure, and softer boys like Ignatz), but doing this will help you do what you want most in life: to spread kindness and be happy.

Lysithea von Ordelia

fire emblem lysithea

You like to act like you’re a realist, but you’re far more of an idealist. You have trouble being vulnerable, which is what leads you to try to be pragmatic. You’re a stubborn and determined hard worker who doesn’t easily give up; who’s always looking to the future — for better and worse. It’s hard for you to focus on the present, and you relate to Lysithea’s inability to do that. You know what it’s like to have a lot of pressure on you, and it’s a reason why you understand her moments of abrasiveness.

You’re probably one of the witty — if not The Witty — friends in your group. You have a sharp tongue and mind, and you like to use it to tease your favorite people as your way of showing love. Sometimes, that’s gotten you in trouble, and you’re generally not the best at socializing. But you’ve got a lot of heart. You’re both braver and stronger than you think and more vulnerable than you allow yourself to be, and that’s perfectly okay. You’re only human, and you should let yourself be that a little more often. You’ve probably been told you’re “mature for your age” and complimented on how hard you work — and it’s not like you don’t genuinely enjoy those compliments, because you do. You love compliments, more than the average person. But you should stop every now and then to, as they say, smell the roses. Or the candy, if sweets are also your thing.

Claude von Riegan

fire emblem claude

You love men with a little mystery to them. You don’t like fuck boys, but you definitely have liked a bad boy or just someone who you knew wasn’t for you. It’s hard not to sometimes, especially when they’re this cute and funny. It’s that psychological thing of being told not to go after something, which only makes you want to pursue it more. Claude gives off all the signs at the beginning that he’s always up to no good, which is ironic since, by the end, he’s the lord most up to any good.

Men can be dumb, so cunning, quick-thinking, and witty men like Claude are a breath of fresh, slightly goosebump-raising air. Claude is just generally refreshing, especially if you relate to his non-luxurious background and feelings of constantly being an outsider. You’re comfortable with surprises, and Claude is a surprise in a box with a bow on top that you’re excited to unravel. With a great sense of intellect and a tendency to tease, he makes the process fun — and maybe that’s ultimately what you value most.

I say maybe because you equally value the intimate but not necessarily fun moments. You find the most rewarding moments with a loved one to be the ones in which you learn more about them. Little things, big things, all the things; you’re just the inquisitive type, always wondering and wanting to know, just like Claude. He’s a curious person who is always thinking about everything, using a mask of nonchalance to hide it. You want to do away with that mask, as well as all the preconceived notions that have affected people like him and you in society. He has visions paired with a drive and independence you want to have, and that’s why he’s the ideal man for you.

And honestly? We really have no choice but to stan the woke (and honestly bisexual as hell) king of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Lastly, you probably have a complicated or downright non-existent relationship with God. Makes sense, since you’re probably queer, too.