What Your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blue Lions Romance Says About You

Blue Lions: The Blue and Big Bisexual energy house

Fire Emblem: Three Houses may have been released last year, but its fandom is still as strong as ever. A large part of its appeal is its interesting, fun, and complex (and large) cast of characters — and especially the fact that many of those characters are romanceable. Even if you have to pick just one by the end, there are likely several others you grew fond of. Among so many options, one spoke enough to you to be your ultimate choice. But what does that speak about you? If you picked the Blue Lions house, read on to see what your romance choice says about you.

Sylvain Jose Gautier

fire emblem sylvain

You say you hate fuck boys but you probably have a history of falling for them. You like men who give off a certain image but are much more on the inside than they seem — and you like feeling like one of the few people in the world who have access to that. You love attractive men and have no shame about admitting that; it’s not being shallow, it’s just being honest with your preferences. You’re bad at flirting and are charmed by Sylvain’s ability to seemingly flirt his way out of everything — besides his own insecurities, of course. You know that he’s the kind of dude who would give you a migraine in real life, but this is Fire Emblem, so he just makes your heart thump.

Felix Hugo Fraldarius

fire emblem felix

You like cats. You love their arrogance, the way they don’t care about looking like assholes, and the affectionate ways in which they reward you for loving them anyway. You enjoy the feeling of the person (or pet) you love being extremely soft with you and no one else. And that’s what attracts you to Felix. You probably thought you grew out of liking the tsundere types but have come to terms with the fact that this will always be your taste. You find his competitiveness and difficulty with being vulnerable charming, especially as someone who is likely great at being honest with your feelings. And you have so, so many feelings for the angry cat that is Felix.

Ashe Ubert

fire emblem ashe

You like soft boys — but the ones who are truly soft and don’t brag about it on social media. The ones who aren’t toxic, who don’t actually call themselves soft boys as a means of getting closer to women. No, Ashe respects you, women, and everyone else — besides himself sometimes. He doesn’t think there’s anything special to him, but you love that. You desire a quiet life with a sweet person who takes life at their own pace. Someone who is idealistic, for perhaps you’re too pragmatic at times, and thus appreciate his belief in achieving your dreams and making the world a better place. You’re also definitely a leftist and have likely always intended to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Ingrid Brandl Galatea

fire emblem ingrid

You probably don’t like rich people and initially assumed that she wasn’t any different. But then you realized how hardworking and introspective she is, and you fell for her. You’re perfectly content with being her trophy wife — even if you aren’t a woman. But if you are a woman, chances are that you’re mad she’s straight, especially considering her conversations with Mercedes and Dorothea. She has untapped bisexual energy, and you have resigned yourself to the fact that it will never get justice. Gender roles are trash, and you think Ingrid is admirable for being curious about new things but steadfast in who she is. At the end of the day, you just want to make her happy because it’s what she deserves.

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Annette Fantine Dominic

fire emblem annette

You’re ambitious. You love to surround yourself with hard workers, for you feel motivated by their work ethic. You just don’t gel well with people who don’t have a passion or dream they’re working towards. You share her tendency to be hard on yourself when you fail — but where you only find judgment when it comes to your failures, you find endless charm in her’s. You have a habit of singing loudly in the shower. You appreciate the cute, simple things in life. You’re content with measuring success according to what makes you personally happy, and not how the rest of society tends to measure it.

Mercedes von Martritz

fire emblem mercedes

You love women. You love their power; their beauty; their resilience; their intelligence. You spend your day thinking about how incredible women are — and about how incredible Mercedes is. Women? They set the bar high, and Mercedes sets the bar as high as possible. You love someone who’s nurturing but also assertive; who isn’t afraid to stand up for themselves and speak what’s on their mind without having to be aggressive or off-putting. You like spicy food enough to make up for her hatred of it. And finally, you share her love for ghost stories and probably watch true crime documentaries for fun.

Dedue Molinaro

fire emblem dedue

An intellectual. You like a man who is as great in traditionally masculine affairs like battling as in less conventionally masculine endeavors like tending to flowers. You love a man who can handle the domestic things in life while you focus on your career and work. Yes, he does the cooking, yes, he does the cleaning. You value being able to comfortably sit in a room with someone and not feel the need to constantly exchange words — to you, that’s love. Also, you’re defensive about Dedue as one of the few brown characters in this game and know he deserved better writing.

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

fire emblem dimitri

Ah, yes. I know you. I know you very well; after all, I am just like you, dear reader and Dimitri fan. You love pretty boys. You don’t love Soft Boys, but you love Sad Boys. You love to think you can fix people just as much. You have a compulsive need to help others, even if it means putting them before yourself. You find the fact that Dimitri can barely hold things without breaking them extremely appealing. You’ve thought about him doing that with you, probably. And you definitely talk about how white men have caused most of society’s problems while thinking that Dimitri is The Only Good White Man. Tragic, pretty, kind, chivalrous and ever so slightly murderous, he is the exception.

Stay tuned for our scientific and objective analyses of what your Black Eagles and Golden Deer romance options say about you in the near future.