What Your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Black Eagles Romance Says About You

Be Gay, Do Crimes: The House.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an extremely large cast filled with compelling, dynamic, and, most importantly, romanceable characters. You really enjoyed learning what your Blue Lions romance says about you. So, we won’t waste time. This round, it’s time for us to tell you what your Black Eagles romance says about you.

Ferdinand von Aegir

fire emblem ferdinand

You hate arrogant men in real life — and that’s why you love Ferdinand. You probably read that sentence and finished it in your mind with “…von Aegir,” as I should have written it, yes? I apologize.

You’re probably competitive, with your biggest rival being yourself. As a result, you find his own extremely competitive personality charming and amusing, especially because he’s naive and a bit of a dork. He generally has qualities you don’t like about yourself but manages to make them endearing. That’s why you’re drawn to him even though his personality comes across as if he should do everything but captivate you. You like that Ferdinand (von Aegir) seems arrogant and stuffy but is actually more considerate than many. You respect that he works hard to understand the perspectives of others — like those who resent him for being a noble. Speaking of consideration, you probably give a lot of it to your hair or eyebrows.

You admire his persistence and dedication to bettering himself; it’s a quality you share. And while you genuinely believe in his eternal quest for self-improvement, you also know he will always be a himbo with fabulous hair. But he’s your himbo with fabulous hair. He’s, after all, Ferdinand von Aegir.

Bernadetta von Varley

fire emblem bernadetta

You’re a patient person. You’re also not great — or once weren’t great — at taking compliments. You more than understand Bernadetta’s reasons for being shy and reclusive; for shutting herself out from the world. It’s not like her reasons aren’t understandable and valid on their own, but we mean understanding and not just empathizing.

You’re probably an introvert who can relate to the desire to isolate yourself; that’s why you understand her needing time to befriend you. You’ve known at some point what it’s like to feel insecure to the point that it has affected your interactions with others; that’s why you respect her in her constant moments of vulnerability and self-consciousness. You can also likely relate to opening up, talking a lot once you do, and perhaps even fearing you’re A Bit Too Much when that happens. But don’t worry — just like Bernadetta, you’re fine just the way you are, and there are and will be people who love you for it. You’re also more ready for the world than you might think.

Oh, and you enjoy having guilty pleasures like singing or dancing when no one is home.

Caspar von Bergliez

fire emblem caspar

You’re probably on the calmer side than on the…Caspar/Not Calm side. You find his hotheadedness fun and value the amount of humor he brings. That ship dynamic in which both people share one brain cell? That’s him and your character, and you love that shit.

You preferred Naruto to Sasuke. You prefer lively characters that energize you, even if slightly. Caspar can be a bit annoying but always means well, which is why you like this character type. With him, what you see is what you get: a loud, kind, honest, and often rash person. In an already too complex and difficult world, his personality and lack of an overly tragic backstory make him refreshing. He’s a sweet boy with wholesome interactions with almost everyone — and sometimes, what’s better than that? You just really like people who make you smile and laugh when you’ve had a rough day. And there’s no one more suited to that job than Caspar.

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Dorothea Arnault

fire emblem dorothea

The word thot isn’t in your vocabulary because you respect women’s sexual agency. You believe in the importance of women having choices. You admire her confidence, wisdom, and perception, and wish to hone those features for yourself. Like Dorothea, you’re probably into social justice, too. You’re aware there’s plenty of injustice in this world and you have more than a passing desire to fix that. Eating the rich? Not society’s biggest potential problem for you, or even a problem at all.

You know Dorothea can handle herself, considering all she’s gone through, but it’s for that very same reason that you just want her to have all the happiness in the world. You love complex women and appreciate Dorothea for her own complexities. You’re a romantic at heart and enjoy being teased. You like using nicknames with people and/or secretly really enjoy having them make up nicknames for you — it makes you feel special, and you like feeling important to many people. You’re a creative person who channels that energy through art, writing, music, or theater.

Also, if you’re queer, you’re probably bi or pan and are definitely far nicer to anyone who isn’t a man.

Linhardt von Hevring

fire emblem linhardt

You don’t get enough sleep. You wish you could sleep more and project that desire onto Linhardt, whose talent at falling asleep makes you respect him more than anything. He is relaxed in a way you find it difficult to be and doesn’t worry about things in a way you just find hard to do yourself.

Like Linhardt, you’re more of an observer and a listener than a talker. You treasure the feeling of speaking with someone and feeling heard; you’re pretty good at it, yourself. You love how observant he is because, although it may not seem like it to others, he cares intensely — both about people and the things he puts effort into. Sometimes, he has to work to say or do the right thing, and as someone who dedicates much effort to what you feel is right for you, you understand and enjoy that about his personality.

You’re self-reflective, aware of what you’re good at and what you’re not. You share his curiosity and desire to know things — perhaps not everything, but the things you truly care about. To you, in an often overwhelming world, that’s enough.

Petra Macneary

fire emblem petra

You’re a hard worker. You probably work a little too hard, actually. You know it’s not a good thing, and so you look at Petra — whose personality is similar to yours — and relate. You also want her to not have to work so hard.

You love that she puts her everything into, well, everything. You admire her ability to take criticism well and wish you were as good as her at doing so. You respect how she can hold her own without being mean or cold; how she can be assertive but not aggressive, for those are qualities you think you could practice on more. You enjoy learning about other cultures and feel motivated by the idea of learning things you don’t know in general. You wish to make this world a better place in whatever way you can and are attracted to genuinely good and kind people like Petra. To you, it’s important to surround yourself with people who motivate you to do just that.

Hubert von Vestra

fire emblem hubert

You romanced Hubert probably because it started out ironically until it wasn’t. You have a thing for villainous fictional men and have fun discovering the complexities in their characterization. You like alignment charts and are happy to see lawful evil get done right with Hubert. You also like dark mages and/or vampires or people who resemble them. When Rihanna said “FUCK U SATAN!!! Fuck right off!!!!!” you whispered, “no, come back.”

You respect his ruthless dedication and loyalty; you can be the same, minus the whole Intense and Extremely Morally Grey thing. But you do love morally grey characters who are willing to go farther than anyone else. It’s entertaining to see just how far they actually go. There are many characters like this, but you enjoy ones like Hubert who aren’t irrational or needlessly cruel; just efficient, precise, and practical. They’re like artists, and you like watching art unravel before you.

You also like a character who doesn’t automatically like you just because you’re the protagonist. To you, winning them over is a challenge, and there are few things as satisfying as winning challenges. Hubert is perceptive and reasonable; he’s never an asshole without reason. He also doesn’t deny he’s an asshole; he owns it, and you love that about him. You love it, even more, when characters like him show those rare glimmers of softness. Again, it’s all about that feeling of reward. The idea of being one of the few people someone like Hubert lets in? Someone who looks like that? Who doesn’t need to open his mouth to strike intimidation and fear into most, which only worsen once he does talk? Oh, the reward! There must be something special to you if he’s that dedicated to you, people would wonder. You’re happy to keep them guessing.

You’ve definitely had a tough-grader of a professor you fixated on, putting in more effort into their assignments so that you could one day finally get their praise. Oh, and you have a voice kink.

Edelgard von Hresvelg


You’re gay or hate the establishment. Or both.

Like, that’s it.

I could go into all of your nuances — and, like her, you have plenty, I’m sure — but I know I’m making the mark with, like, at least 90% of you.

You’re powerful beings with good taste — don’t doubt it.

Stay tuned for our scientific and objective analyses of what your Golden Deer romance choice says about you in the near future.