What Players Want From Division 2 Title Update 6

The Division 2 Title Update 6 is closer than you think. Developer Massive has confirmed it will arrive before Episode 2 Pentagon: The Last Castle, which is due to release this fall. Title Update 6 will focus on “addressing things our players engage with us about regularly,” and the team has called for community input on four main topics: endgame RPG, gear acquisition in the late game, inventory management, and improving PVP.

To gather this feedback, Massive has asked game’s subreddit moderators to create separate threads for all those topics, in the hope of gathering specific feedback from fans about what they want from TU6. You can bet the team is monitoring the threads closely, and it’s likely to influence their thinking. So what exactly are players calling for? We’ll dive into the most requested features below. There’s no guarantee we’ll see them in Title Update 6, but it’s a good indication of the kind of feedback Massive is currently analyzing.

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The Division 2 Title Update 6 PVP Requests

In the PVP thread, the Dark Zones are the focus of conversation: the most upvoted comment in the thread is a call for a new, larger Dark Zone on another island that can hold more than 12 players. “I would love a 36-48 player Dark Zone that was just enormous,” said another user in response to the original suggestion. “It would be near-impossible for a four-man team to fight a server that size, but it would definitely be a fun challenge.”

Another user simply asks for Massive to raise the player cap in existing Dark Zones to 20, making them feel busier and therefore more exciting. Multiple highly-upvoted comments have also called for a non-normalized conflict mode, which has been a popular request for a while.

The second most popular comment in the thread calls for ranked matchmaking to help distinguish between veteran and beginner players. The user also suggests a series of filters to let players find the PVP experience they want with options such as what mode they want, whether they want normalization or not, and whether they want to play with grouped enemies or just solo players. The comment also calls for Last Stand mode from the original The Division, which is echoed further down the thread.

The Division 2 Title Update 6 Gear Acquisition and Endgame Loot

Most of the advice in the endgame loot thread is aimed at making gear more varied and interesting, as well as making it easier to work towards a specific build you’ve theory-crafted. The top comment makes a couple of smart suggestions like NPCs that give quests relating to a particular item type, such as a backpack. If you complete the quest, you get to choose the backpack’s brand, therefore reducing the randomness of acquired loot.

The next highest comment suggests Massive get rid of Effective Stat Allocation (ESA), a system that spreads stats between the slots on your gear. In Division 2, if you have one really high stat roll, other stats will be lowered because of this spread. It also means the more stats you have, the less likely you are to get god-tier individual stats. “Because each roll value affects the other, we will never find amazing loot with multiple high rolls,” the user explains. “Take other looter games such as the Diablo series or Path of Exile. In those games, it’s very possible for someone to find incredibly well rolled gear off of the ground, making every loot exciting.”

A suggestion I particularly like: allow the talents of deconstructed items to be placed in a bank for you to draw on later when you recalibrate items. This is similar to the system that Bungie will be implementing with Destiny 2 in the next few months. It’s yet another way of helping you inch towards a build you want to try out.

The Division 2 Tidal Basin Update

The Division 2 Title Update 6 Endgame RPG

The endgame systems of any looter shooter is one of the most important things for dedicated fans of the title. Are changes needed for crafting? Recalibration? What’s missing to help players play the role they want?

The most popular responses responses boil down to making loot more interesting. The top comment simply asks for the lower end of stat ranges to be raised, leading to smaller chance of useless loot. 

Another talks about creating more roles for players to fill. The users claims there’s “no real role definition and really unique playstyles like in The Division 1.” One proposed solution is the addition of more diverse, character-defining skills, with players complaining there’s too much overlap between existing ones.

An comprehensive post in the thread also points to the need for a more diverse set of skills to allow for different playstyles, particular for would-be tanks, but it also has suggestions for ways to reduce RNG. “Allow the player to recalibrate an item twice, one talent and one attribute,” is one idea. Another suggests reducing the cost of crafting materials and letting players find those materials more often. Both would better let players more easily build towards a desired role.

The Division 2 Title Update 6 Inventory Management

Is there a good way to improve inventory management without simply boosting stash sizes? The top suggestion is making skill mods behave like weapon mods which don’t take up space in the inventory. The mods should also scale off the agent’s skill power, says the user. 

To solve the problem of hoarding items for recalibration—where players keep rubbish items with one good stat in the hope of transferring it to other gear—one popular comment says you should be able to recalibrate multiple items at once. This would let you combine these inventory-clogging items into gear with a few solid stats, thus taking up less space. 

Alternatively (and this echoes comments in another thread), the user suggests Massive let players store specific talents or stats in a “salvage yard” for later recalibration, rather than holding onto the whole item. Hear, hear.

What do you think of the suggestions from the community?