We Asked Two Fortune Tellers to Predict E3

Only the spirits know what's going to happen for sure...and the publishers, too, I guess.

It seems a little odd to think of it this way, but E3 2021 is the first non-consecutive E3 we have had since the show downsized in 2008 and took place in a hangar. Ever since then, it has more or less occurred like clockwork until the global pandemic of 2020 sent the industry’s publishers scattering like bowling pins without much of a plan to replace the industry tradeshow. This year, E3 is back in digital form, meaning that fans can presumably expect some degree of the pageantry and shocking reveals the expo is known for every year and are pent up from not having the show last year.

But expecting things is hard and waiting is uncool. So we decided to skip the line and just ask a fortune teller to tell us their predictions for E3.

To do this, we asked PsychicAndi, who did tarot readings online for questions of business success, which seemed appropriate. After explaining to her what I was writing and the kind of questions I’d be sending her (she assured me this would be a good article and I will be getting a lot of recognition for it, for what it’s worth), we jumped into the questions I had about this upcoming show.

E3 Logo

Will this year’s event be successful?

It will be very successful. There definitely seems to be some excitement with it. There also looks like there’ll be quite a lot of involvement from everyone. Just seems really positive, like there’ll be thankfulness in things as well.

Metroid Prime 4

Will Metroid Prime 4 be shown this year?

[Laughs] Hmm, yeah, it is looking like there would be a trailer or something for it.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Will there be a new Donkey Kong game this year?

Yes, it does look like there will be one coming out later.

Will PlayStation have a show around E3?

It does not seem like it for some reason.

Will Microsoft announce any new acquisitions this year?

Doesn’t look like it at this point. There seems like there might be talk of something…but it doesn’t look to go through.

Will Final Fantasy Origin, which I reported on earlier, be revealed by Square Enix this year?

Yes, it looks like it will be getting some mention as well. But, it looks like it will be later on in the year.

mario plus rabbids kingdom battle garden

Does a Mario + Rabbids sequel happen this year?

Not this year…it looks like it will be next year.

Between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, who comes out of E3 the strongest?

Nintendo seems to be the one that will have the most “WOW” things.


Much like doctors, you don’t just want one opinion with psychics, I assume. So I also asked Madame Scarlett, who specializes in Tarot readings as a means of clairvoyance, a few additional questions. I gave her E3’s date of birth and she pulled the Ace of Cups, saying it symbolized new beginnings, so that’s encouraging.

Will Elden Ring be at E3?

Checking….I got a yes.

Will Halo Infinite be delayed again?

Checking, no.

silent hills

Will a new Silent Hill be revealed this year?


What are the chances of a major new IP this year?

[Disconnects from chat]


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