Warframe is Getting a Better New Player Experience (Again)

Here's a spiffy new Warframe intro cinematic to celebrate.

Warframe is a tremendous game. It’s also a tremendously complicated one. That makes it hard to encourage friends and family to try its nearly endless content, bonkers sci-fi twists, and high-speed combat. “You just have to get past the first 20 hours” is not an easy sell… As such, even longtime veterans have been asking for an improved new player experience in Warframe for a while now. Well, it seems like that’s finally happening sometime soon! And there’s a new intro cinematic to prove it.

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The CGI intro is practically a six-minute short film, in fact. It’s gorgeous and was apparently written and directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane, Uncharted). The director himself showed up at TennoCon 2019 to tell the press about how he came to create it. Apparently, Trachtenberg was an avid Warframe player even before he contacted the developers at Digital Extremes. He reached out to the team over Twitter and the pair came together from there. That’s showbiz, baby!

Beyond what we see in the intro, however, there isn’t a ton of information about the new player experience. Warframe already added one — including new tutorials and introductory story — a number of years ago. But the free-to-play shooter evolves at a breakneck pace. Much of the information in the current opening isn’t exactly useful. It certainly doesn’t cover the tremendous breadth of content that’s been added in subsequent expansions. Nor does it even hint at the banana cakes plot that awaits players who make it bast the 20-hour mark.

The new introduction definitely accomplishes the latter. Longtime fans will certainly recognize some low-key spoilers throughout the video. Some slightly older plot beats, such as how the Warframes razed the ancient Orokin empire, are even completely spelled out. Warframe Creative Director Steve Sinclair even said Digital Extremes was nervous about giving away too much. I don’t necessarily think so, as a old fan of the game myself, but I also haven’t found every Easter egg thus far. Apparently there are even more hidden teases strewn throughout the trailer — if you know where to look.

Warframe New Intro

Warframe New Player Experience – TennoCon 2019

As for the new player experience itself, Sinclair said the team is hard at work recreating certain elements from the intro video. Its swamp location will eventually be available in-game. The human village seen in the background (the one getting burned to the ground by evil clones) is also in production. This new tutorial should show players the stakes and society of the world much earlier than before. That’s nice. Shame about all the dead people, though…

Besides the new location, there’s another glaring discrepancy in the video; Mag sure seems different. The support Warframe doesn’t normally catch bullets with her mind. But the newly unveiled power wasn’t a gaffe. Apparently, Mag is getting a rework. That’s not terribly surprisingly. She’s not the most interesting member of the starting three Warframes new players can select. And Digital Extremes is pretty keen on reworking old ‘frames lately. Her starter status also makes any changes a perfect addition to the new experience!

As for when the new tutorial drops, what it ultimately looks like, and how to complete it, we don’t know yet. But don’t worry! We’ll be sure to let you know. Just swing back here for all your Warfame guides and news. And feel free to check out the new Warframe intro video above.