Warframe Gets a Third Open World, Horses & Time Travel in the Duviri Paradox

The Duviri Paradox gives Warframe a lot more than a bigger sandbox.

Warframe blew a lot of minds with the Plains of Eidolon, its first open world expansion, in 2017. Developer Digital Extremes expanded on that idea with Fortuna: an even bigger new zone with hoverboards, non-violent hunting, and more massive bosses. The studio isn’t resting on its laurels, either. Among its many announced new updates and expansions, the team is also working on The Duviri Paradox. This is the third open world expansion for Warfame, and it seems like a doozy.


A teaser trailer at TennoCon 2019 was a bit too psychedelic to learn much from. But we do know the update will introduce a fifth enemy faction to Warframe. That’s not incredibly surprising. What’s more interesting is that you appear to play entirely as the Operators: those human children that control each Warframe and occassionally blast enemies with psychic powers.

Except they’re not children in the Duviri Paradox trailer. Instead we got our first look at a fully grown, adult Operator in Warframe. This seems to involve some time travel shenanigans, as well, as the elder character sees a vision of… themself? It’s not 100 percent clear. But the specter from the past drops off a little care package for our beleaguered hero.

This also implies that we’ll get to use weapons — genuine guns and the like — as our Operators for the first time. This conveniently sidesteps the issue of having to put children in gunfights. The teaser also implied their psychic Void powers aren’t working, either, and sometimes you just need to defend yourself from a space knight on a space horse. That also happens in the trailer for The Duviri Paradox. There’s a space horse.

In fact, the trailer ends with the bearded warrior astride this majestic beast — which looks like what if a skeleton was made out scrap metal, and also was a horse. It’s a damn good design, to be completely honest.

The Duviri Paradox Warframe

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The horse may also give us some clues about the nature of this so-called Duviri Paradox. Warframe first introduced players to vehicles in the form of jetpacks, called Archwings. Then we got hoverboards. Now we have regressed all the way back to (admittedly freaky) horses. Transport technology appears to be moving backwards in time in the Warframe chronology. If this trend continues, then we may even finally get normal feet in the next expansion! I sincerely doubt it, though… Warframe hates normal feet as much as it loves freaky alien horses now.

Sadly, it’s hard to say how long we must wait to kill for our very own freaky horse. Like very nearly everything announced at TennoCon 2019, The Duviri Paradox doesn’t have a release date. Between this, The New War, Empyrean, and several other smaller updates that we know about, it could be quite the serious wait.

Of course that means there’s also a bright side. There will be no lack of content to keep us busy in Warframe until The Duviri Paradox finally does arrive. Players who are looking for more fish to fish, more gems to mine, and more horses to steal will just have to be patient. There’s another open world on its way! Be sure to check it out for yourself in the video embedded above.