Vidiot Game, the Most Important Game Ever Made, is Now on Steam

Video games are a disposable medium. It’s bad enough for collectors and preservationists of console games, who struggle against companies who are content to let their back catalogs linger in obscurity. But for those interested in the margins of games, it’s even worse. Games released for mobile platforms and the web are frequently rendered unplayable by changing technological standards, to say nothing of link rot and the deliberate removal of digital games from online marketplaces.

Thankfully, Vidiot Game is not one of these lost relics. First released back in 2012 for Windows and Xbox 360 by GZ Storm, the game was recently published to Steam — and while it’s been available for download the whole time, I’m hoping its presence on what has become the only real PC gaming platform that counts for many people will bring it renewed attention. Because Vidiot Game is the most important game ever made.

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Vidiot Game

You’ve got three distinct characters: a mushroom, a spoon, and a yam. There’s branching paths that take you into the depths of the human psyche, forcing you to confront your deepest fears. Advanced graphics put you in the action, whether you’re robbing a liquor store or negotiating with Satan in the desert. And multiple endings ensure plenty of replayability.

Vidiot Game is a postmodern satire that will deconstruct your conception of a video game and rebuild it into a little house in the woods. You enter the house. You see an old man sitting in a rocking chair, a crack in the wall, and a television. The television is playing static. You reach into the wall and pull out a copy of Vidiot Game. You present it to the old man, who is Zeus in disguise. Zeus is pleased and turns you into a beautiful sea bird. You fly free.