Toby Fox Dropped A New Game For Us Not To Discuss On Halloween

Toby Fox, creator of the wildly successful (and quite good) Undertale has released a new game for Mac and PC. You can download it for free right here!

Deltarune… Your friendly neighborhood anagram scrambler won’t play nice with it, but you can probably figure it out.

Fox’s new website offers only slight hints about what’s inside. All I’ll say is it seems to be very Undertale-like in nature. When visiting the site, Fox offers four warnings. They are, in order:

There may be moving or flashing imagery.

Solid start. Nice to have a warning for folks with light sensitivity.

You may have to override security protocols to use the program.

To this end, Fox himself offered a very insightful workaround on his Twitter account this morning.

Thanks, Toby!

For public safety, you are advised to refrain from discussion of the program for 24 hours.

We’ll totally follow that direction in this post, but we can’t guarantee one of our intrepid reporters won’t blow this whole thing open later today. Regardless, it seems like Fox is keen on letting the secrets inside be experienced firsthand by as many folks as possible. Understandable, considering Undertale was a similar event.

You accept everything that will happen from now on.

Wow. Okay. Seems easy enough. And ominous.

Undertale was originally released in September 2015 and was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. It was overwhelmingly and immediately lauded as one of the better RPGs of the past decade, featuring interesting gameplay shifts, unforgettable characters, and an impressive event-tracking system that allowed in-game decisions impact playthroughs.

As far as what Deltarune really is, Fox provided some insight yesterday in a tweet suggesting folks who have completed Undertale stay tuned to his social accounts this week. The developer says what happens next begins with player feedback—presumably starting with today’s announcement and release.

Whatever comes next, I’m sure pretty sure it will both be quite good and quite difficult to untangle.