This Fan-Made Pokemon Concept Video Shows a More Radical Diamond & Pearl Remake

A faithful remake is good, but could a drastic overhaul be better?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are coming to the Switch later this year, and they’re bringing some of my favorite Pokemon games to a modern system. They’re also more faithful to the original DS Diamond & Pearl than other remakes in the franchise. Some remakes like Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee have had some pretty significant overhauls to the visual style and mechanics of the games they’re bringing back. I’m not complaining, really. Diamond & Pearl was a huge moment for me in the franchise, and, short of when I was an elementary school student and Pokemon was my entire personality, came out when my investment in the universe was the deepest.

But this morning I saw a fan-made concept trailer for a more, we’ll call it radical, update to Diamond & Pearl and it did make my mind wander to the potential of a remake that was more daring with its format and visual style. And how it’s possible to not only recreate the past, but push the series forward to. For what it’s worth, Pokemon Legends Arceus seems to be making some bigger steps for the franchise. But one can dream. And that’s what YouTube user millenniumloops did in creating a concept trailer for what they call “Pokemon Adventures Sinnoh.”

As the trailer makes clear, this isn’t a playable game in any form, but a showcase for a hypothetical game set in the Sinnoh region. It takes inspiration from open-world games, showing protagonists Lucas and Dawn exploring the depths of Sinnoh’s oceans and climbing up the sides of its mountains with the help of their partner Pokemon. All while towns feel more alive, with Pokemon and humans alike taking up space. Also here is a feature to dress up Pokemon in various accessories like scarves and jewelry, which could give a monster an edge in the beauty contests that were a major part of the original Diamond & Pearl. The other significant change in the concept is a mock up of a more action-oriented, cinematic combat system.

Check out the full concept trailer below:

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At any rate, Pokemon Legends Arceus seems to be going in some of the same directions. With what looks like a more open, living world set in the Sinnoh region, it’s clear Game Freak is making some attempts to move the series forward with the upcoming game. I guess I’ll take solace in that and appreciate Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl for what they are when they come to Switch later this year.