The Fanwidth Podcast Episode 33: The Tremors Cinematic Universe

Learn more about Destiny 2 server queues and Tremors than you ever dreamed.

The council of Merritt, Niki, and Steven convene this week to talk about the problem all three of them are facing: the Destiny 2 servers are down. At least they were when we recorded this podcast. We ruminate on that, how we feel about the new Shadowkeep expansion, and the Tremors films. No, really. Steven talks about Tremors a lot. There’s also some discussion about the upcoming Dune movie and game, so don’t let that stop you from enjoying the Fanwidth podcast this week!

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Discussed on this episode: Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Dune, Tremors, DuckTales

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fasion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.


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