The Fanwidth Podcast Episode 037: A Very Boomer Halloween

If you want the gear, you're gonna hear about the queer.

It’s (almost) Halloween and the gang is celebrating with another extra-long episode of Fanwidth: the Fanbyte podcast! Danielle, merritt, Niki, and Steven kick things off with a “live” viewing of the Death Stranding launch trailer, but things only get spookier from there, as we dig into Halloween themed events and games. Scariest of all, however, is the news that Danielle may have actually eaten the Gatorade cubes in real life… Let’s wash that down with some more talk about The Outer Worlds!

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Discussed on this episode: Death Stranding, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, The Outer Worlds, NBA 2K20, Outer Wilds, Destiny 2

Our intro and outro music is “Namasteee” by Fasion, acquired through Epidemic Sound.