The Division 2: Title Update 4 Detailed, Update on Bullet Registration Bug

The massive Division 2 Title Update 4 is coming next week, developer Massive Entertainment announced today. It hasn’t yet revealed an exact date, but the Public Test Realm will close on Friday ahead of the update, which adds a new specialization, reworks existing specializations and changes the way signature ammo drops.

It’s a biggie, and I’ll dive into the most important changes in detail below—but first, Massive also used today’s State of the Game stream to talk about The Division 2’s bullet registration bug.

Players have been complaining about bullets not registering when they shoot enemies, particularly on console versions of the game. Last week, Massive said the issue was confined to the shooting range, but the dev team has changed their tune slightly. They’re now investigating “what exactly that means for other areas of the game” too, suggesting the issue is more widespread than they initially thought. The investigation is ongoing.

New Gunner Specialization – The Division 2 Title Update 4

The biggest addition in Title Update 4 is a new specialization, called the Gunner. The Gunner has a powerful minigun boasting a large bullet reserve and a surprisingly fast reload. The catch is that it cannot be used when in cover, and you can’t sprint or roll while holding it. It’s designed for you to stand out in the open tanking damage while ripping groups of enemies apart.

The Gunner’s unique skill is the Banshee, which is a piercing scream that confuses enemies within a cone of fire. That cone can be aimed by holding down the skill button, and the longer you hold it, the further the scream will reach.

In PvP, you can see an enemy Gunner’s cone of fire before the skill activates, which might let you get out of the way. Instead of confusing PvP opponents it simply disrupts them, stopping them using skills.

To supplement the new weapon and skill, the Gunner can carry a riot foam grenade that holds enemies in place, making them easier to kill. The Gunner’s talent tree also encourages a tank-y playstyle: some talents give you bonuses for standing still, others will hasten your reload, while others provide team bonuses for killing consecutive enemies without letting go of the trigger.

How to Unlock the Gunner in Division 2

Anyone that has paid for The Division 2’s Year One Pass will immediately unlock the Gunner after the Title Update 4 goes live. Everyone else will have to complete five stages of in-game challenges called Special Field Research.

Year One Pass owners will still be able to complete those challenges, which will also reward you with unique cosmetics.

Changes to Existing the Division 2 Specializations

As well as adding the Gunner, Title Update 4 also tweaks existing specializations. The biggest change is that you’ll no longer be steered towards one particular weapon type per specialization, giving you more flexibility for your builds.

The update will expand the bottom-left of each specialization’s skill tree: in that slot, you can currently give a major damage boost to certain weapon types. The Survivalist—my class of choice—can boost assault rifle or shotgun damage. After Title Update 4, the same bonuses will be available to more weapon types.

Each specialization will still have a unique attachment for a specific weapon type: for the Survivalist, it’s a custom magazine for 5.56 style weapons.

Title Update 4 also buffs the Survivalist’s crossbow and the Sharpshooter’s TAC-50 rifle, making it easier to crack open enemy armor

The Division 2 Signature Ammo Changes

TU4 also changes the way signature ammo drops in The Division 2, adding a meter to the left-hand side of your regular ammo counter that ticks up as you get kills. When that meter is full, the next enemy you kill is guaranteed to drop signature ammo. There will no longer be any random drops.

The other major change is to gear mods. After the update, generic protocol mods and generic system mods will no longer work in high-end gear. This is to stop players stacking low-level generic mods into high-level gear, making them extra powerful.

Mods should overall be easier to understand after Title Update 4—red damage mods will fit in red slots, blue defensive mods in blue slots, and yellow skill mods in yellow slots.

For a full list of planned changes, including numerous bug fixes, check the patch notes. Just remember that some of these may have changed, as players have been testing the update on the Public Test Realm.