TFT Level 6 by Round 11 Weekly Mission Bugged, Riot Launches Make Up Mission

If you’ve been playing Teamfight Tactics this week, you might have a TFT weekly mission that challenges you to each Level 6 by Round 11. However, the quest was bugged and counting the initial shared draft as the first shared draft meaning you actually had to reach Level 6 by Round 6. That’s essentially impossible.

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As a result, Riot Games spent yesterday promising a fix in the form of a make up mission which rewards you for simply completing one match. Originally it was supposed to be 50 beta pass points, but it has since been upped to 120 points.

According to a Riot Games employee in the Oceania region, the make up quest was deployed yesterday evening. For other regions, the mission has simply been hotfixed to function correctly. As of writing, we aren’t sure if the mission was also changed to reward the promised 120 points.

Hey folks, we’re aware that this quest is bugged. It counts the shared draft at the start of the game, which means you need to be level 6 by round 6, rather than round 11.

Obviously, this is, uh… hard.

We’re investigating a fix, but we’re also going to roll out an easy-to-complete 50pt 120pt mission in the next couple of days so your pass progress isn’t delayed in the meantime.

EDIT: The mission will actually be worth 120pts rather than 50, to account for the fact that it blocked some of the other missions. Sorry for the confusion!

The bugged mission was part of the second set of TFT weekly missions, meaning you can’t see it until you’ve completed the initial three missions from this week.

As a reminder, these beta pass points help progress you reward tier which offers the following:

  • Tier 1: Starter Little Legend Egg
  • Tier 2: Yellow and Blue TFT Arena Skins
  • Tier 3: Tier 1 TFT Launch Icon (Green)
  • Tier 4: Mystery Emote
  • Tier 5: Tier 2 TFT Launch Icon (Blue)
  • Tier 6: Mystery Emote
  • Tier 7: Pink TFT Arena Skin
  • Tier 8: Tier 3 TFT Launch Icon (Purple)
  • Tier 9: Tier 4 TFT Launch Icon (Red)

The 120 points offered by this quest is a significant bump up from the normal rewards. The first set of three weekly missions only provide 30 beta pass points. The second set provides 50. Presumably, though we’ve never actually played enough in one week to get that far, the third offers between 60-80. So the 120 is a significant increase in what you’d normally be able to earn!

Though this mission has been hotfixed, actual balance changes to TFT have slowed down in the past few weeks. August Browning, Senior Champ Designer at Riot says the team has been focusing on “changes / improvements / bug-fixing / etc. for 9.14.” It sounds like actual balance changes will come next week.

We will, of course, bring you all of those balance changes here on Fanbyte alongside updates to our many, many guides already available. If you haven’t checked it out already, we highly recommend our TFT Best Builds Guide!