Riot May Nerf Tristana, Volibear, Locket, Assassins, Elementalists in TFT Patch 9.14b

While there’s nothing actually live on the Teamfight Tactics public beta environment, Riot Games is already starting to share details on what the developers will be testing. Riot Mort, Principle Game Designer, shared some targets for TFT buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes.

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It’s worth noting that all of these balance changes are tentative. Mort says the team will continue to monitor the meta throughout the weekend and will commit to changes on Monday. The patch itself, 9.14b is scheduled for Wednesday.

Big Changes

It’s worth noting that there aren’t 6 Brawlers, 6 Shapeshifters, 9 Blademasters, or 6 Gunslingers in the game just yet which means we can probably expect more of them soon!

  • Crit damage formula has been changed. It’s now an additive scale rather than a multiplicative scale.
  • Brawler Buff changed to 2/4/6 requirements providing 300/700/1200 bonus HP. (From 300/700 at 2/4)
  • Shapeshifters Buff changed from “On transform, gain 60% max HP” at 3 Shapeshifters to “On transform, gain 60/120% HP” at 3/6 Shapeshifters.
  • Blademaster Buff now has a new tier at 9 Blademasters. Now reads, “Blademaster units have a 35% chance on hit to attack 1/2/4 extra times.”
  • Gunslinger Buff has a similar change with a 6 Gunslingers tier. “50% chance to attack 1/2/3 additional targets in range.”


You might think the Wild Origin is in a pretty good place already, but it’s actually Shapeshifters that are very strong. Because of this, there are a good number of folks surprised to see Wild buffs on the way. Sorcerers, a staple of the Patch 9.13s meta may have been overnerfed a bit as well. They’re no longer an integral part of multiple top-tier team comps.

And while the last patch fixed some bugs with Ahri, she still isn’t powerful enough. Poppy already got a good number of buffs including more armor, stun duration, and number of targets hit with her ability, but she’s still underperforming apparently.

  • Ahri
  • Mordekaiser
  • Poppy
  • Morellonomicon
  • Sorcerer Buffs
  • Wild Buffs

From the PBE

  • Sorcerer Buff now provides +45/100 Ability Power (up from +35/100 Ability Power).
  • Void Buff now provides Void champions with true damage (ignore Magic Resist and Armor) rather than just ignoring 50% of Armor.
  • Noble Buff now provides 80 Armor, 80 Magic Resist, and +35 HP on hit to 1 Random Ally/All Allies. This is a net change of 20 fewer Armor and 80 new Magic Resist.
  • Ninja Buff is now +70% Attack Damage at both tiers. (Was +40/60% at exactly one and four Ninjas)
  • Wild Buff now gives 10% attack speed per stack. (Up from 8%)
  • Knight Buff has been, well, buffed from blocking 20/40/80 damage from basic attacks to 20/60/90 damage.
  • The Yordle Buff has gotten a bit squirlier! The chance to dodge basic attacks has increased from 25/60% to 30/60%.
  • Assassin Buff now provides 125/400% (up from 150/350%) crit damage for your Assassins


On the side of nerfs, Riot is apparently unhappy with Gunslinger Tristana deranking enemy units with Cursed Blade and disarming entire teams with Sword Breaker. She’ll likely see some nerfs as a result. She’s just too powerful with the right items.

The same is also true for Volibear apparently who with the right items and support structure ends up basically unstoppable.

Oh and Locket stacking is still here which Riot isn’t super happy about.

  • Tristana
  • Volibear
  • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Assassin Buffs
  • Elementalist Buffs

From the PBE

  • The Dragon Buff no longer provides Magic Immunity. Now it provides 83% magic damage reduction like Dragon’s Claw.
  • Volibear’s ability which causes his attacks to bounce between enemies has been reduced from 3/4/5 to 2/3/4.

Bug Fixes

There are four major issues that Riot is looking to address next week. The biggest of which is probably the bugged Redemption item which is currently providing 1000% HP rather than the intended 1000 HP. Raptors also sometimes don’t drop a loot box which isn’t intended.

Honestly an easily overlooked change is the bug where Guardians no longer provide their buff after all Guardians have died. Fixing this may bring up the strength of the class as a whole.

  • Raptors will now always drop a loot box.
  • Guardian Angel triggers fixed.
  • Redemption will give 1000 HP, not 1000% HP.
  • Guardian buff will no longer go away after the Guardians die.

When more details come out we’ll be sure to share them and update all of our guides with the important information.

If you’re looking for the best TFT team comps in the current 9.14 patch, we have a guide dedicated to that! Likewise if you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start, we have a tips guide with 13 really important things you should know. And for those of you who keep up to date, make sure to check out the TFT Patch 9.14 patch notes since there were a ton of changes!

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