Teamfight Tactics PBE Patch 9.14 Details – PBE Patch Notes, Changes, Release Date

It’s been nearly three weeks since Teamfight Tactics first went live in the League of Legends client. Since then Riot Games has gone quiet, working on PBE updates for TFT. But what exactly does the next update have in store? We have compiled our own PBE patch notes complete with detailed changes and expected release date.

Looking for the official TFT Patch 9.14 patch notes? They’re available here!

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When Does TFT Patch 9.14 Go Live?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019!

PBE Patch Notes & Changes

Ranked Queue

The TFT Ranked Queue works a lot like the one in League of Legends. There are nine tiers from Iron to Challenger. Finishing in the top four counts as a victory and will earn you LP. If you place in the bottom four you’ll lose LP. The extremes, first and eighth, respectively, will have a bigger impact than if you place in the middle of the pack.

You’ll need to complete five placement matches before being put into your respective tier. The good news is that there are no promotion or demotion series. Hit 100 LP and you’ll go up a tier. Hit 0 LP, then lose, and you’ll go down.

Of course, Riot is putting some restrictions in place regarding who you can and can’t play with. For example, someone in Platinum can’t queue with anyone in Iron, Bronze, or Silver. Check out this handy chart for the full details.

Big Changes

  • There’s a new Gromp encounter after the first minion wave.
  • PVE rounds from Gromp onward are now guaranteed to drop a lootbox which can contain either: 2 XP, one to four Gold, or an item.
  • One enemy per PVE encounter now gets a buff in the form of Dragon’s Claw (resistant to magic), Red Buff (burn damage, healing disabled), or Guardian Angel.
  • PVE dragons no longer have magic immunity.
  • PVE dragons are guaranteed to drop a full item.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane reworked. Now summons a spirit who mirrors your attacks, dealing 25% damage. Applies on hit effects.
  • Red Buff reworked. Does 13% of Max Health as damage over time over five seconds. Still prevents any healing.
  • Morellonomicon reworked. Does 15% of Max Health as damage over time over five seconds. Still prevents any healing.
  • Elise is now a Tier One unit.


  • Locket of the Iron Solari no longer scales with ability power.
  • Varus’ ultimate now costs 100 mana (up from 75)
  • Pyke’s ultimate now costs 125 mana (up from 100)
  • Demon Bonus early game nerfed early game, buffed late game. From 40/60/80 to 35/60/85.
  • Undetailed nerfs to the Elementalist golem.
  • Undetailed nerf to the Shapeshifter bonus.
  • Undetailed nerf to Elise.
  • Runaan’s Hurricane no longer provides on-hit effects.


  • Demons now deal a percentage of the mana they burn as damage. (30/50/70% chance to burn, 100/200/400% damage)
  • Cursed Blade’s debuff can now shrink a champion to level 0 and lasts the entire round.
  • Frozen Heart attack speed slow increased to 25% from 20%.
  • Gunblade heal increased from 25% to 33%.
  • Warmog’s Armor now regenerates 6% of Max Health per second. (Up from 3%)
  • Zeke’s Herald now provides 15% Attack Speed to adjacent allies in a straight horizontal line. (Up from 10%)
  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade now provides 4%, rather than 3% Attack Speed per stack.
  • Guardian Angel now revives the champion with 1000 HP instead of 500 HP.
  • Locket of the Iron Solari now provides a 300 HP shield, up from 200.
  • Recurve Bow provides 20% Attack Speed, up from 15%.
  • Redemption now activates at 25% of maximum health remaining rather than upon death.
  • Wild Bonus provides 8% Attack Speed per hit, up from 7%.
  • Fiora now has a base of 1.0 Attack Speed, up from 0.7.
  • Demon Bonus early game nerfed early game, buffed late game. From 40/60/80 to 35/60/85.
  • Thornmail now reflects 100% of negated damage.
  • Poppy can ult more people as she levels up.
  • Shyvana has 100 more HP. Dragon form Attack Damage increased from 60-120 to 100-200
  • Morgana damage increased from 250-450 to 300-450.
  • Aatrox damage increased from 350-800 to 400-1000.

Quality of Life Changes

  • Miss Fortune will now target her ultimate based on the last champion attacked rather than attacking a random target.
  • Items with adjacency effects will now show that while you’re placing champions.

And that’s everything we’ve rounded up for now. There may very well be other changes on the PBE server that we’ve missed. This is just meant to be a summary of the most notable things we expect to go live this week! Make sure to check back on Wednesday when the patch is live for the complete TFT patch notes!