New Street Fighter V Characters Leak Ahead of EVO 2019

We're shoryuken buy these new fighters this weekend.

The next set of Street Fighter V DLC characters briefly revealed themselves earlier today, when a trailer and accompanying set of screenshots went live on the game’s Steam page. Capcom quickly removed any trace of the new fighters, so we’re guessing this announcement was originally intended for this weekend’s EVO 2019 festivities in Las Vegas. Of course, nothing is ever truly removed from the internet.

Capcom femme fatale Poison, Street Fighter series mainstay E. Honda, and back-catalogue bruiser Lucia all join the world stage individually this Sunday, August 4. You also have the option of waiting a day for the “Summer 2019 Character Bundle,” which includes all three characters at what we’re going to assume is a discount. No pricing information is available yet, what with this being a leak and all, but we don’t see why Capcom would veer from the established standard of 1,000 in-game Fight Money per character, or around $6 of IRL, non-fight money.

The cost of the bundle, however, is anyone’s guess — last year’s Season 3 character bundle went for $30, but it also contained twice as many fighters. One leaked image’s fine print notes that “certain costumes and Honda Sento Stage excluded from bundle [sic],” but doesn’t specify which costumes for which characters will be sold separately.

Speaking of costumes, they all look pretty dope! Poison and Lucia both have Story, Battle, Nostalgia, and Summer costumes in addition to their default threads, while E. Honda has Story, Battle, and Nostalgia costumes — we guess Honda isn’t a fan of the beach. Again, there’s no telling which additional costumes will actually come with the new characters, if any. SFV‘s Steam page is positively festooned by costume packs, which run anywhere from $7 to $30, so we’re not gonna hold our breath. Especially when that breath could be used to explain who the hell Lucia is!

First seen in the Super Nintendo exclusive beat-em-up Final Fight 3, Lucia is a detective with the Special Crimes Unit of the Metro City Police Department. After a riot breaks out in Metro City’s downtown district, Lucia joins forces with Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar, as well as Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar’s Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Training Partner, Guy, to beat up hundreds and hundreds of members of the Skull Cross Gang, which appeared to fill the power vacuum left by the now-defunct Mad Gear Gang. She’s got sort of a “Jill Valentine meets Android 18” thing going on, and folks? We’re big fans of it.

Poison, of course, also hails from the world of Final Fight, though fans of Capcom fighters are likely far more familiar with her than Lucia. She was a fully-playable character in both Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken, and made background cameos in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, as well as several entries in the Street Fighter Alpha series. Once a member of the Mad Gear Gang, Poison now manages her enormous partner Hugo’s professional wrestling career whenever she’s not taking trash to the curb herself.

As for how any of these new characters play, we’ll have to wait for the official reveal at EVO 2019.


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