Sea of Thieves Players Think the Game is Being Haunted by a Bald Lady

The undead are no stranger to Sea of Thieves. We’ve already seen ghosts and skeletons roaming its lands, from the Pirate Lord to the cursed skeleton captains that patrol in pursuit of victims. 

However, a YouTuber and streamer known as Captain Falcore recently posted a video that gave fans of the game a bit of a scare. While looking over old footage taken on Crook’s Hollow, he spotted an unusual sight — what appeared to be a bald figure watching him from the shadows. The figure had no gamertag, and according to Falcore there was no one else on the island at the time. This has led some members of the community to argue the island may be haunted or that Rare may have slipped something a little unusual into their last update. 

Not everyone is convinced. Some believe that the video is just a hoax to tie in with the Halloween season, while others theorize it could be a glitch, similar to the shadow man glitch from earlier this year. Putting on my proton pack — or whatever the pirate equivalent of that is — I decided to go investigate Crook’s Hollow for myself to discover whether there was any merit to these ghost stories.

Ghostly Happenings

Arriving on the island, I went straight to the first area where Falcore spotted the strange figure — on the eastern cliff edge — but after plodding about for a few minutes I found nothing spectacular to report. 

From there, I moved the search down to the eastern beach. Here, I made a few passes, hoping to see the figure that Captain Falcore has dubbed “The Bald Lady.” Again, my search turned up no new findings, but I did jump out of my skin a few times as skeletons spawned behind me while listening for footsteps. In total, I must have spent over two hours investigating the sightings and looking over photos and footage I had taken, but there was no ghostly goings-on. 

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Looking at Twitter, it seems like other players had the same idea too, with scores of pirates descending on the island to try and catch a glimpse of the bald figure. Most claim to have seen nothing on their search. But the Twitter users @OutlawThePirate, @0Tekatu2, @CrowsNest_TCN, and @NayfePacewell have all reported spotting The Bald Lady. Rare has even stoked these rumours, referencing the myth during the end slate of their recent developer update.

The more I looked into this story, the more skeptical I became of it. But the more, too, I wanted to believe. This type of collaborative storytelling is exactly what I love about Sea of Thieves. It reminds me of discovering strange rumours on old gaming forums back in the day and spending hours creeping through GTA: San Andreas’s forests in the hopes of catching a glimpse of bigfoot or a haunted car.

There are some credible lore-based reasons as to why Crook’s Hollow might be haunted, such as the skeletal remains that can be discovered there. For now, though I think these rumors are just that. Nevertheless, I’ll be keeping an eye out the next time I’m in the area. Just in case.