Sea of Thieves Players Cast Their Lines in Pirate Fishing Competition

Ever since fishing was added to Sea of Thieves earlier this year, players have been picking the oceans clean in order to grind out levels in the Hunter’s Call faction. But some players have taken their fondness for fishing one step further, hijacking public servers to run their own specialized tournaments. Over the weekend, Captain Beattie and the crew of the Red Dog held a semi-final contest between two crews — the Dirty Salamander and The Fierce Plankton — with the winner of the matchup earning a spot in the grand final of the Kings of Fish event against the crew of the Wanheda’s Revenge.

Catch of the Day

A tremendous amount of work went into organizing the event. Not only did the Red Dog Crew have to scour the seas to find ships to commandeer, they also had to collect plenty of bait, to ensure players could catch more than just Ruby Splashtails. Luckily, Rare added the ability to dig up grubs, leeches, and worms a few months back, which made the experience of collecting bait a little less frustrating.

The rules for the event were surprisingly complex. Crews had three and a half hours to fish, but only those caught and stored in food barrels would count at the end of play. Players could attempt to steal other crew’s fish, but if they were caught thieving they would have to spend some time out in the brig as punishment for their crime. PvP was also allowed between crews, but again, there were certain stipulations. Standard cannonballs were off-limits, with the organizers mindful of losing out on their bait. The winning crew at the end of the event would be the one with the most points, with points awarded based on the quality of the fish caught as well as the amount. 

The event itself was a pretty chill affair, with some occasional commentary from Beattie as he interacted with the different crews. However, there was always the fear that one crew might send someone over to try to pilfer from the other or that a rogue skeleton ship or megalodon might interrupt and spoil the day. In the end, The Fierce Plankton managed to snatch the victory, setting a new Kings of Fish record of 1280 points and earning a spot in the final, which takes place in November.

The event is just one in a long list of community events that have occurred inside Sea of Thieves since its release. Back when the game launched, players from its many pirate unions got together and developed their own sport called Skull Ball, where players had to place a skull in their opponent’s crow’s nest in order to score points. Other events have since succeeded this, such as the Race of Legends, a racing league organized by Dread Pirate Doug. Kings of Fish seems to be the most relaxing of these events, and along with these other competitions demonstrates the versatility of Rare’s pirate sandbox. The developer has even offered to start helping these kinds of creators with private servers in a recent dev update, which means we’ll likely be seeing more of them in the future.