Rose Gold (And Other, Inferior Colors) Coming to Dual Shock 4 Lineup

Now do the whole console.

Pink is the best color. Sorry. But Rose Gold is a close second, and under certain fashionable circumstances, it can look even better than a nice pastel pink. Tech items tend to be one of those situations, and next month Sony is rectifying the Rose Gold-hued hole in its controller lineup with a new series of Dual Shock 4s.

Arriving in the US and Canada sometime this September, the two-toned Rose Gold Dual Shock 4 features a delicately pale back plate, which provides a gentle contrast to the unit’s heavy metallic. Aside from the matching pale pink triangles around the d-pad, the rest of the controller is standard issue.

It’ll be available alongside three other new variants: Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, and Titanium Blue. Electric Purple is definitely our favorite of the three, due in no small part to its classy white button legends. It’s no Atomic Purple, of course, but few things in life are. Titanium Blue is fine, and Red Camouflage is just like all other camouflages, in that it’s absolutely hideous on electronics. These are the official rulings.

These new controllers have an MSRP of $64.99/$74.99 CAD, but as was the case with every previous Dual Shock 4, we expect actual prices to vary wildly based on where you look. Amazon routinely has Dual Shock 4s listed below MSRP by $10 or more depending on the variant, whereas Best Buy stalwartly prices all versions of the controller at $64.99 — Gamestop tends to run somewhere in the middle.

Meanwhile, Sony’s Gold Wireless Headset will also receive the Rose Gold treatment, which must have been cheaper to pull off since the “Gold” part was already on all of the packaging. Just like the standard Gold Wireless Headset, these over-the-ear bluetooth cans feature 7.1 channel virtual surround sound, a hidden noise-cancelling microphone, and on-board controls for headset volume and microphone sensitivity. And just like any other bluetooth headset, you can pair it to your phone, desktop, or whatever, in addition to the implied PlayStation 4. There’s also a 3.5 mm jack and included detachable male-to-male AUX cable for wired listening, which audiophiles (and people with 4-year-old phones (like me)) will appreciate.

The Rose Gold Wireless Headset hits store shelves sometime this November for $99.99/$119.99 CAD, and the same caveat regarding pricing and availability applies here as well. The existing version of the headset also has an MSRP of $99.99, but Amazon sells it for just under $75. Best Buy sells it at MSRP, but does offer price matching if you’re willing to go to the trouble of shaming them into it. Gamestop sells them at $99.99 and doesn’t offer price matching — you can’t even get one as a Gamestop Refurbished™®© model as far as we can tell, which might that’s for the best. Lice are a real and important danger.

On the other side of the fence, Microsoft’s large stable of official controller options does not include a Rose Gold model, but it makes up for that by being the only company to offer a legitimate first-party controller for people with disabilities. Nintendo, meanwhile, continues to sell the most expensive controllers on the market with the fewest available color options.